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PC Extreme Internet Cafe Franchise Business

PC Extreme Internet Cafe Franchise Business

PC Extreme Internet Cafe is an Internet cafe franchise business based
in Baguio City, Province of Benguet.

1. PC games P15 per hour
2. Internet surfing P15 per hour
3. Photocopy,Scanning and Fax
4. Printing
5. Snacks
6. Photo and Video Coverage for all occasions
7. Video Editing
8. Lamination

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Franchise Fee

Royalty Fee
P100 per computer monthly

No Franchise Fee upfront. Franchisee will Shoulder the following:
1. PC hardware and software
2. Tables and chairs
3. Internet DSL Subscription
4. Networking hardware's

Package Modules to choose from
1. P200,000 - start up
2. P300,000 - small scale
3. P520,000 - medium scale
4. P750,000 - large scale

The Franchisee will benefit from the following:
1. Free use of trade name
2. Free training and operational support
3. Free Marketing Materials
4. Free Professional support and training (includes long distance web

Note: The Star…

How To Open An ATM Account In Metrobank

How To Open An ATM Account In Metrobank

Opening an ATM savings account with Metrobank is easy.

Metrobank has a deposit product named Metrobank ET Savings Account.
It is an ATM savings deposit account product.

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Before opening an ATM savings account, Please be informed of the
following balance requirements, interest rates and fees.
1. Metrobank ATM initial deposit
         Savings               - P2,000
         OFW                    - no initial deposit (waived)
         SSS Pensioner - P100
2. Maintaining Balance
         Savings               - P2,000
         OFW                    - no maintaining balance (waived)
         SSS Pensioner - P100
3. Balance to Earn Interest
         Savings               - P10,000
         OFW                    - P10,000
         SSS Pensioner - P10,000
4. Interest
         Savings               - 0.250%
         OFW                    - 0.250%
         SSS Pensioner - 0.250%
5. Service Fee for Accounts Below…

BC Websight Internet Cafe Franchise Business

BC Websight Internet Cafe

BC Websight is an Internet Cafe. It is open for franchising.

1. Online Gaming
2. Downloading
3. Internet Surfing
4. Internet Communication
5. Typing/Encoding/Scanning
6. Photocopying/printing
7. Fax Sending and Receiving
8. E-Loading
9. Internet and Gaming Cards

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Franchise Fee

5 years renewable

Royalty Fee
5% of gross sales

Shop Space Requirement
60 square meter minimum

What is included in the Franchise Fee?
1. Use of Trade Name
2. Training of Franchisee and Staff
3. Procurement Program
4. Marketing Assistance
5. Opening Assistance
6. Operations Manual
7. Research and Development
8. POS System

Note: BC.Websight was established in 1999 and the data on Franchise
         Fee and Royalty fee may no longer be accurate, please contact
         them for the accuracy of the said amount.

7 and counting

How to contact bc.websight?
1. By Personal Visit
   a. Molave Corner Anonas Streets Project 3 , Quezon … Cyber Cafe Franchise Business

Image Cyber Cafe is a Cyber Cafe Franchising Business. It is an Internet
PC gaming franchise business offering games like Dota.

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It has more than 60 branches nationwide but almost all are located
in Luzon.

Franchise Fee

Royalty Fee

Franchise Term
5 years

Required Space
36 square meter minimum

But you have to buy from them PC Package worth P600,000.

What is included in the package?
1. 20 units Computers
2. Use of Trade Name and Proprietary Marks
3. Location Approval
4. Training
5. Procurement Program
6. Opening Assistance
7. Operations Manual
8. Research and Development

Note: The above details may not be accurate as website
          fails to give exact details about franchise fee and royalty
          fee. To be accurate, you may personally contact them through
          their contact numbers posted here below.

Franchising Process
1. Survey
2. Plan
3. Construction
4. Turnover
5. Operate

How To Contact
1. By Pe…

I.T. Log Park Internet Cafe Business Franchise

I.T. Log Park Internet Cafe Business Franchise

I.T. Log Park is an Internet Cafe Business offering a franchise to
interested individuals. It is principally based in Quezon City. It
operates  more than 32 Internet cafes. These Internet Cafes are open
24 hours a day.

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1.  E-Mail
2.  Internet surfing
3.  Internet chat
4.  Video web conferencing
5.  Online game
6.  Lan game
7.  Job searching
8.  Printing
9.  Scanning
10. Loading station
11. VOIP - cheapest long distance call
12. Fax services
13. E-review and E-learning
14. Sell Snacks and drinks

Franchise Fee

Royalty Fee
More or less P448 monthly depending on package.

1. 6 PC's  - P295,000 cash
2. 10 PC's - P520,000 cash
3. 15 PC's - P745,000 cash
4. 20 PC's - P1,015,000 cash

What is included in the package? Aside from the CPU, Monitor, Mouse
and Keyboard, the franchisee gets the following:
1. Licensed Microsoft Windows and other essential softwarers.
2. Customized …

Effect of Affidavit of Desistance in Criminal Case

Effect of Affidavit of Desistance in  Criminal Case

The effect of an affidavit of desistance in a criminal case is that,
It does not bar the State or the Government from prosecuting the
criminal action, but it operates as a waiver of the right to pursue
civil indemnity.

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An affidavit of desistance cannot justify dismissal of the complaint
if made after (and not before) the institution of the criminal

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You Might Be Interested To Know:

The kinds of Desistance Recognized by law under Art. 6 of the RPC
1. Legal desistance - the desistance referred to in law which would
   obviate criminal liability unless the overt or preparatory act
   already committed in themselves constitute a felony other than
   what the actor intended.
2. Factual desistance - actual desistance of the actor which is made
   after the attempted stage of the crime; the actor is still liable
   for the attempt.

Sample Bar Exam Questio…

Donkey's Tail Ordeal

Donkey's Tail Ordeal

Donkey's Tail Ordeal is an early method of detecting deception.
It is an ancient way of knowing whether a person is telling the
truth or not.

Donkey's Tail Ordeal was used in India around 500 BC. A person
suspected of theft is subjected to a test to determine his/her guilt.

The suspect is required to enter a dark tent and inside the tent
is a donkey. The tail of this donkey is covered with soot.

The suspect is told to pull the tail of the donkey. When the suspect
comes out with a dirty hand, he is not guilty as he is not afraid
to pull the donkeys tail because he did not commit any wrong.

A person who comes out of the tent with a clean hand is presumed
guilty as he is afraid to pull the donkey's tail, a manifestation
of guilt at that time.

Donkeys Tail Ordeal is also known as Trial by the Sacred Ass.

Aside from Donkey's Tail Ordeal, Other Ancient Methods of
Detecting Deception are the following:
1. Trial by Ordeal
2. Trial by Combat
3. Trial by…

Dental Technologist Schools in the Philippines

Dental Technologist Schools in the Philippines

1. Centro Escolar University - Manila
         Performance in the December 2014 Board Exam          Passing Percentage - 33.33%          1 passed out of 3
         How To Contact The School          1. By Personal Visit             9 Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila          2. By E-Mail             [email protected]          3. By Phone             735-68-61 loc.238
2. De Ocampo Memorial College
         Performance in the December 2014 Board Exam          Passing Percentage - 66.67%          2 passed out of 3
         How To Contact The School          1. By Personal Visit             3222 Ramon Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa, Manila           2. By E-Mail             [email protected]          3. By Phone             7156445-46 or 7150968 
3. Emilio Aguinaldo College - Manila
         Performance in the December 2014 Board Exam          Passing Percentage - 100%          4 passed out of 4
         How To Contact The School          1…

Land Bank Time Deposit

Land Bank Time Deposit

Regular Peso Time Deposit

Minimum Deposit Requirement

Interest Rate
Varies Depending On Term And Amount

At least 30 Days

1. Two Valid ID's
2. 1 X 1 ID Picture
3. TIN Number Must be Presented

Additional Requirement For Sole Proprietorship Business
1. Registration of Business Name with Department of Trade and Industry
2. City/Municipal Mayor’s Permit
3. Application for Renewal of City/Municipal Mayor’s Permit/Old Registration
4. Two valid IDs of authorized signatory/ies

Accepted ID's
1. SSS ID,
3. Driver’s License,
4. Company ID (present),
5. School ID, Passport,
6. TIN ID, Postal ID,
7. Phil Health ID,
8. Marriage Contract (original copy),
9. Major Credit Card,
10.Membership Card of well-known associations and clubs,
11.HMO ID,
12.Senior Citizens Card.

US Dollar Time Deposit

Minimum Deposit Requirement

Minimum 30 Days
Maximum 365 Days

Interest Rate
Varies Depending On Term and Amount

Requirement For Individu…

UCPB Time Deposit

UCPB Time Deposit

Peso Time Deposit Rate
30 to 90 days                    Interest
4 Million and Above          .8750%
2 Million to 3,999,999       .7500%
500,000 to 1,999,999        .6250%
10,000 to 499,999             .5000%

Note: Pre-Termination Penalty for Peso Time Deposit
1. 75% of agreed interest rate if money is withdrawn within the
   first half of the agreed term.
2. 50% of agreed interest rate if money is withdrawn within the
   second half of the agreed term.

US Dollar Time Deposit
30 Days                            Interest
500,000 and Above         .8750%
250,000 to 499,999         .7500%
100,000 to 249,999         .6250%
50,000 to 99,999             .5000%
25,000 to 49,999             .3750%
1,000 to 24,999               .2500%

US Dollar Time Deposit
60 Days                            Interest
500,000 and Above         .9375%
250,000 to 499,999         .8125%
100,000 to 249,999         .6875%
50,000 to 99,999             .5625%
25,000 to 49,999             .4375%
1,000 to 24,9…

Chinabank Time Deposit

Chinabank Time Deposit

Chinabank has 3 types of Time Deposit Products. They are the ff:
1. Certificate of Time Deposit
2. Diamond Savings Account
3. Money Lift Quarterly

Certificate of Time Deposit

      1. Initial Deposit Requirement - P5,000
      2. Minimum Number of Days - 90
      3. Interest Rate Per Year

               5,000 – 49,999        0.750%
              50,000 – 199,9990.750%
             200,000 – 499,9990.750%
             500,000 – 999,9990.875%
           1,000,000 – 4,999,999       1.000%
           5,000,000 and up        1.125%

      1. Interest earned will be subjected to a 20% withholding tax.
      2. Depositor has the choice to automatically rollover the
         principal and interest at maturity date.

Diamond Savings Account

      1. Initial Deposit Requirement - P50,000
      2. Minimum Number of Days - 30
      3. Interest Rate Per Year

               50,000 to 199,999     0.500%
              200,000 to 499,999     0.500%

How To Open A Bank Account In The Philippines While Abroad?

How To Open A Bank Account 
In The Philippines While Abroad?

Can you open a bank account in the Philippines while abroad?
Yes, you can open an OFW savings account with the following bank
1. BPI
2. BDO
3. PNB
4. Metrobank

   You can do this through their oversees branches, desk offices in
   tie-up banks and remit offices in your country of work.

   It seems that if a Philippine bank has no branch abroad, then
   you can not open a savings account while abroad.
   For example in Egypt, there is no branch of any Philippine bank so
   one can not open a Philippine bank account there.

What Philippine bank can you open a bank account while abroad?
BPI Direct Savings Bank

      BPI Direct Savings Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of
      the Philippine Islands.

      1. Only BPI Direct deposit accounts can be opened online.
      2. You need to complete the new account opening application
         process at the most convenient BPI branch which you will
         nominate. Tha…

Criminology Board Exam Coverage

Criminology Board Exam Coverage

1. Criminal Jurisprudence, Procedure and Evidence - 20%
      a. Criminal Law Book 1
      b. Criminal law Book 2
      c. Criminal Procedure
      d. Evidence
      e. Court Testimony

2. Law Enforcement Administration - 20%
      a. Police Organization and Administration with Police Planning
      b. Industrial Security Management
      c. Police Patrol Operations with Police Communication System
      d. Police Intelligence
      e. Police Personnel and Records Management
      f. Comparative Police System

3. Crime Detection and Investigation  - 20%
      a. Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation
      b. Traffic Management and Accident Investigation
      c. Special Crimes Investigation
      d. Organized Crime Investigation
      e. Drug Education and Vice Control
      f. Fire Technology and Arson Investigation

4. Criminalistics - 15%
      a. Personal Identification
      b. Police Photography
      c. Forensic Ballistics
      d. Questioned Docu…

PNB Passbook Savings Account

PNB Passbook Savings Account

PNB Passbook Savings is an interest-bearing deposit account wherein
transactions are recorded in a passbook.

Initial Deposit Required

PNB Passbook Maintaining Balance

Average Daily Balance To Earn Interest

Interest Rate Per Year

Account Opening Requirement
1. Two (2) ID with picture.
   Must be Government Issued

   a. SSS ID
   b. Driver's License
   c. GSIS ID
   d. Passport
   e. PRC License
   f. Voters ID
   g. Postal ID
   h. AFP ID
   i. Firearms License
   j. PNP ID
   k. IBP ID
   l. OWWA ID

2. Two (2) ID Pictures
   either two 1X1 picture or two 2X2 picture

Things You Do Inside The Bank During Account Opening
1. You will accomplish Client Information Form
2. Fill out Account Information Form
3. Fill out Signature Card and Conditions Form


Dormancy Fee

Two (2) years without any account activity like deposit and

Passbook Replacement Fee 

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