metrobank atm card
Metrobank ATM Card

How To Open An ATM Account In Metrobank

Opening an ATM savings account with Metrobank is easy.

Metrobank has a deposit product named Metrobank ET Savings Account.
It is an ATM savings deposit account product.

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Before opening an ATM savings account, Please be informed of the
following balance requirements, interest rates and fees.
1. Metrobank ATM initial deposit
         Savings               - P2,000
         OFW                    - no initial deposit (waived)
         SSS Pensioner - P100
2. Maintaining Balance
         Savings               - P2,000
         OFW                    - no maintaining balance (waived)
         SSS Pensioner - P100
3. Balance to Earn Interest
         Savings               - P10,000
         OFW                    - P10,000
         SSS Pensioner - P10,000
4. Interest
         Savings               - 0.250%
         OFW                    - 0.250%
         SSS Pensioner - 0.250%
5. Service Fee for Accounts Below Minimum Monthly ADB for 2
   Consecutive Months
         Savings               - 0.250%
         OFW                    - not applicable
         SSS Pensioner - 0.250%

Metrobank ATM Requirements

How to Open an ATM Account in Metrobank?
1. Go to your preferred Metrobank Branch to open an account
2. Ask the guard you want to open an ATM account. He/She will surely
   direct you to the New Account Section of the bank.
3. In the new account section, a bank employee will require you to
   fill up some form and a specimen of your signature. During this
   period, be ready with your 2 1X1 ID picture (almost all banks now
   require the recently taken picture - usually 6 months)

   Note: In the future, requirements regarding the ID picture might
            change so it doesn't hurt if you are prepared with a 2 2X2
            ID picture as well.

   Aside from the ID picture, you will also be required to exhibit
   at least 2 identification card such as drivers license, SSS card,
   GSIS card, School ID, Postal ID, passport and other government
   issued identification card. Please be advised that banks no longer
   accepts an expired identification card.

4. The last part will be the giving of your initial deposit. The
   required initial deposit is posted above.
5. Be sure to keep the deposit slip you will receive from the teller
   upon depositing your initial deposit because that will be the one
   required by the bank you exhibit to claim your ATM card. ATM card
   will be available 1 to 7 days usually.

Note: Metrobank has more than 1000 ATM machine nationwide.
         Metrobank is a proud member of Bancnet.
         Bancnet has more than 2,600 ATM machines nationwide.

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