donkey tail

Donkey's Tail Ordeal

Donkey's Tail Ordeal is an early method of detecting deception. It is an ancient way of knowing whether a person is telling the truth or not.

Donkey's Tail Ordeal was used in India around 500 BC. A person suspected of theft is subjected to a test to determine his/her guilt.

The suspect is required to enter a dark tent and inside the tent is a donkey. The tail of this donkey is covered with soot.

The suspect is told to pull the tail of the donkey. When the suspect comes out with a dirty hand, he is not guilty as he is not afraid to pull the donkeys tail because he did not commit any wrong.

A person who comes out of the tent with a clean hand is presumed guilty as he is afraid to pull the donkey's tail, a manifestation of guilt at that time.

Donkeys Tail Ordeal is also known as Trial by the Sacred Ass.

Aside from Donkey's Tail Ordeal, Other Ancient Methods of Detecting Deception are the following:
1. Trial by Ordeal
2. Trial by Combat
3. Trial by Torture
4. Trial by Jury
5. Trial by Iron Hot Ordeal
6. Ordeal by Balance
7. Ordeal of Rice Chewing