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S/Supt.Vicente Danao Jr. | The New MPD Chief

The Manila Police Department has a new chief in the person of PNP Senior
Superintendent Vicente Danao Jr.

S/Supt.Vicente Danao Jr is enthusiastic in initiating reform in the Manila Police

He vowed to promote the return of the Manila's Finest cops.

About the war on drugs in Manila, The new MPD chief said that if the PNP will have
to operate, everything will be legal, but if the policemen's life will be in danger,
definitely we will defend ourselves. dzbb

Senior Superintendent Vicente Danao Jr. replaced Chief Superintendent Rolando
Anduyan who has been moved to the Northern Police District.

The new MPD chief is a former Chief of police of Davao City under then Mayor
Rodrigo Duterte. He served as Davao City police chief from 2013 to 2016.

He also once served as the deputy chief of operations of the Criminal Investigation
and Detection Group.

He belongs to the Philippine Military Academy Sambisig Class of 1991.

Danao's appointment comes a week after a sex-for-freed…

PRC official website and official Facebook page

PRC official website and official Facebook page

The PRC is informing the public that the following websites and Facebook pages,
representing as official website/Facebook page of the Professional Regulation
Commission (PRC) by using the PRC logo, are not, in any way, connected to or is
duly authorized by PRC:

PRC therefore is not accountable for the accuracy, veracity, or content of any information provided or appearing from the said sources as they are not officially published by the PRC. Further, PRC is not responsible for, and expre…

Gen.Jovito Palparan found guilty of Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention

The court found retired Gen. Jovito Palparan Jr. guilty in connection with a kidnapping
and serious illegal detention case involving two students of the University of the
Philippines in 2006.

Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention is punishable under Art.267 of the
Revised penal Code. It is a crime against Personal Liberty and Security.

Remember this difference between illegal detention and arbitrary detention.
In illegal detention, it is committed by a private individual who unlawfully
kidnaps, detains or otherwise deprives a person of liberty whereas in arbitrary
detention, it is committed by a public officer or employee who detains a person
without legal grounds.Illegal Detention is a crime against personal liberty and security while Arbitrary
Detention is a crime against the fundamental law of the state.
The penalty shall be death where the kidnapping or detention was committed for the
purpose of extorting ransom from the victim or any other person, even if none of
the circumsta…

Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation

Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation | Definition of Terms

Booster- A frequent shoplifter.

Bucketing - Skimming customer trading profits by falsifying trade information.

Call Girls - The highest-status prostitutes, who generally work out of their own
apartments by appointment only.

Cannon - "loose" cannon - blabbermouth. Someone who lacks control, puts an organization
at risk.

Carjacking - occurs if a person uses force or intimidation to steal a car from a driver.

Churning - This occurs when a producer makes false statements to convince an insurance
policy holder to cancel their present policy in order to sell him or her, another one.

Compliance Strategies - methods of controlling white-collar crime that rely on the
threat of economic sanctions or civil penalties to control potential violators, creating
a marketplace incentive to obey the law.

Confidence Games - a swindle set up to separate victims from their money. many involving
a get-rich-quick scheme, often with illegal…

Philippine Cities With The Highest Number of Crimes

The Philippine National Police (PNP), released the list of cities with the highest
number of crimes in the country from January - July 2018. (dzbb)

Philippine Cities With The Highest Number of Crimes

Quezon City - 22019 (Total Crime Volume)Manila City - 12424 (Total Crime Volume)Cebu City - 6324 (Total Crime Volume)Makati City - 5517Pasig City - 4967Taguig City - 4541Iloilo City - 4518Mandaue City - 4452Pasay City - 4279Paranaque City - 4125Caloocan City - 3829Zamboanga City - 3581Mandaluyong City - 3432Marikina City - 3412Davao City - 3071Naga City - 2879Muntinlupa City - 2874General Santos City - 2748Cagayan De Oro City - 2592Valenzuela City - 2227Las Pinas City - 2144Baguio City - 1949Bacolod City - 1659Malabon City - 1543Lapulapu City - 1480Tacloban City - 1258Navotas City - 1109Butuan City - 980San Juan City - 966Santiago City - 943Angeles City - 808Iligan City - 734Olongapo City - 466Puerto Princesa City - 466Cotabato City - 400Ormoc City - 253 The figure above was sourced from …

PD No.90 Declaring Unlawful Rumor-Mongering and Spreading False Information

PD No.90

Somebody on my facebook page asked, Is there a law in the Philippines 
penalizing the deliberate spreading of fake news or fake information.

I searched my old law books and I came across this law enacted during the term
of President Ferdinand Marcos.

It is a Presidential Decree. Laws decreed by President Marcos during the martial
law were called Presidential decree.

Fake news by the way is defined as a type of yellow journalism or propaganda
that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional
print and broadcast news media or online social media.

This false information is mainly distributed by social media, but is periodically
circulated through mainstream media. Fake news is written and published with
the intent to mislead in order to damage an agency, entity, or person, and/or
gain financially or politically, often using sensationalist, dishonest,
or outright fabricated headlines to increase readership, online sharing,
and Internet click revenue.