Criminal law


General Provisions
   Art.1. Time When Act Takes Effect
   Art.2. Application of Its Provisions
   Art.3. Definitions: Acts and Omissions Punishable by law Are Felonies
   Art.4. Criminal Liability
   Art.5. Duty Of The Courts Acts Not Covered By Law
   Art.6. Consummated, Frustrated, And Attempted Felonies
   Art.7. When Light Felonies Are Punishable
   Art.8. Conspiracy And Proposal To Commit Felony
   Art.9. Grave Felonies, Less Grave Felonies And Light Felonies
   Art.10. Offenses Not Subject To The Provisions of this code
   Art.11. Justifying Circumstances
   Art.12. Circumstances Which Exempt from Criminal Liability
   Art.13. Mitigating Circumstances
               Introduction To Aggravating Circumstances
   Art.14. Aggravating Circumstances
   Art.15. Alternative Circumstances
   Art.16. Who Are Criminally Liable
   Art.17. Principals
                Principal By Direct Participation
                Principal By Induction
                Principal By Indispensable Cooperation
   Art.18. Accomplices
   Art.19. Accessories
   Art.20. Accessories Who Are Exempt From Criminal Liability
   Art.21. Penalties That May Be Imposed
   Art.22. Retroactive Effect Of Penal Laws
   Art.23. Effect Of Pardon By The Offended Party
   Art.24. Measures Of Prevention Or Safety Which Are Not Considered Penalties
   Art.25. Penalties Which May Be Imposed
   Art.26. When Afflictive, Correctional, Or Light Penalty
   Art.27. Reclusion Perpetua
   Art.28. Computation Of Penalties
   Art.29. Period Of Preventive Imprisonment Deducted From Term Of Imprisonment
   Art.30. Effects Of The Penalties Of Perpetual Or Temporary Absolute Disqualification
   Art.31. Effect Of The Penalties Of Perpetual Or Temporary Special Disqualification
   Art.32. Effect Of The Penalties Of Perpetual Or Temporary Special Disqualification
               For The Exercise Of The Right Of Suffrage
   Art.33. Effects Of The Penalties Of Suspension From Any Public Office
   Art.34. Civil Interdiction
   Art.35. Effects Of Bond To Keep The Peace
   Art.36. Pardon; Its Effects
   Art.37. Cost; what Are Included
   Art.38. Pecuniary Liabilities; Order Of Payment
   Art.39. Subsidiary Penalty
   Art. 40. Death; Its Accessory Penalties
   Art. 41. Reclusion Perpetua and Reclusion Temporal; Their Accessory Penalties
   Art. 42. Prision Mayor; Its Accessory Penalties
   Art. 43. Prision Correccional; Its Accessory Penalties
   Art. 44. Arresto; Its Accessory Penalties
   Art. 45. Confiscation And Forfeiture Of The Proceeds Or Instruments Of The Crime
   Art.46. Penalty To Be Imposed Upon Principals In General
   Art.47. In What Cases The Death Penalty Shall Not Be Imposed
   Art.48. Penalty For Complex Crimes
   Art.49. Penalty When Crime Committed Different Than Intended
   Art. 50: Penalty to be imposed upon principals of a frustrated crime
   Art. 51: Penalty to be imposed upon principals of attempted crimes
   Art. 52: Penalty to be imposed upon accomplices in consummated crime
   Art. 53: Penalty to be imposed upon accessories to the commission of a
                consummated felony
   Art. 54: Penalty to imposed upon accomplices in a frustrated crime
   Art. 55: Penalty to be imposed upon accessories of a frustrated crime
   Art. 56: Penalty to be imposed upon accomplices in an attempted crime
   Art. 57: Penalty to be imposed upon accessories of an attempted crime
                Application of Art. 50 - 57
   Art.58. Additional Penalty To Be Imposed Upon Certain Accessories
   Art.59. Penalty To Be Imposed In Case Of Failure To Commit The Crime
   Art.60. Exception To The Rules Established In Art. 50 To 57
   Art.61. Rules For Graduating Penalties
   Art.62. Effect Of The Attendance Of Habitual Delinquency
   Art.63. Rules For The Application Of Indivisible Penalties
   Art.64. Rules For The Application Of Penalties Which Contain 3 Periods
   Art.65. Rule In Cases In Which The Penalty Is Not Composed Of  Three Periods
   Art.66. Imposition Of Fines
   Art.67. Penalty To Be Imposed When Not All The Requisites Of.....
   Art.68. Penalty To be Imposed Upon A Person Under 18 Years Of Age
   Art.69. Penalty To Be Imposed When The Crime Committed Is Not Wholly Excusable
   Art.70. Successive Service Of Sentence
   Art.71. Graduated Scales
   Art.72.  Preference In The Payment Of The Civil Liabilities
   Art.73. Presumption In Regard To The Imposition Of Accessory Penalties
   Art.74. Penalty Higher Than Reclusion Perpetua In Certain Cases
   Art.75. Increasing or reducing the penalty of fine by one or more degrees
   Art.76. Legal period of duration of divisible penalties
   Art.77. When The Penalty Is A Complex One Composed Of Three Distinct Penalties
   Art.78. When And How A Penalty Is To Be Executed
   Art.79. Suspension Of The Execution And Service Of The Penalties...
   Art.80. Suspension Of Sentence Of Minor Delinquents
               Execution Of Principal Penalties Art. 81 - Art. 88
   Art.89. How Criminal Liability Is Totally Extinguished
   Art.90. Prescription Of Crime
   Art.91. Computation Of Prescription Of Offenses
   Art.92. When And How Penalties Prescribe
   Art.93. Computation Of The Prescription Of Penalties
   Art.94. Partial Extinction Of Criminal Liability
   Art.95. Obligations Incurred By Person Granted Conditional Pardon
   Art.96. Effect Of Commutation Of Sentence
   Art.97. Allowance For Conduct
   Art.98. Special Time Allowance For Loyalty
   Art.99. Who Grants Time Allowances
   Art.100. Civil Liability Of A Person Guilty Of Felony
   Art.101. Rules Regarding Civil Liability In Certain Cases
   Art.102. Subsidiary Civil Liability Of Innkeepers
   Art.103. Subsidiary Civil Liability Of Other Persons
   Art.104. What Is Included in Civil Liability
   Art.105. Restitution; How Made
   Art.106. Reparation; How Made
   Art.107. Indemnification; What is Included
   Art.108. Obligation To Make Restoration; Upon Whom It Devolves
   Art.109. Share Of Each Person Civilly Liable
   Art.110. Several And Subsidiary Liability Of Principals
   Art.111. Obligation To make Restitution In Certain Cases
   Art.112. Extinction Of Civil Liability
   Art.113. Obligation To Satisfy Civil Liability


Crimes Against National Security And The Law Of Nations - Title I
   Art.114. Treason
   Art.115. Conspiracy and Proposal To Commit Treason
   Art.116. Misprision Of Treason
   Art.117. Espionage
   Art.118. Inciting To War Or Giving Motives For Reprisals
  Art.119. Violation Of Neutrality
   Art.120. Correspondence With Hostile Country
   Art.121. Flight To Enemy's Country
   Art.122. Piracy In General And Mutiny On The High Seas
   Art.123. Qualified Piracy

Crimes Against The Fundamental Laws Of The State - Title II
  Art.124. Arbitrary Detention
   Art.125. Delay In The Delivery Of Detained Persons To The Proper Judicial Authorities
   Art.126. Delaying Release
   Art.127. Expulsion
   Art.128. Violation Of Domicile
   Art.129. Search Warrant Maliciously Obtained
   Art.130. Searching Domicile Without Witnesses
   Art.131. Prohibition, Interruption, and Dissolution of Peaceful Meetings
   Art.132. Interruption Of Religious Worship
   Art.133. Offending Religious Feelings

Crimes Against Public Order - Title III
   Art.134 - A. Coup D' Etat
   Art.135. Penalty For Rebellion, Insurrection, Or Coup D' Etat
   Art.136. Conspiracy And Proposal To Commit Rebellion, Coup D' Etat Or Insurrection
   Art.137. Disloyalty Of Public Officers Or Employees
   Art.138. Inciting To Rebellion Or Insurrection
   Art.139. Sedition
   Art.140. Penalty For Sedition Person Liable
   Art.141. Conspiracy To Commit Sedition
   Art.142. Inciting To Sedition
   Art.143. Acts Tending To Prevent The Meeting Of Congress
   Art.144. Disturbance Of Proceedings
   Art.145. Violation Of Parliamentary Immunity
   Art.146. Illegal Assemblies
   Art.147. Illegal Associations
   Art.148. Direct Assault
   Art.149. Indirect Assault
   Art.150. Disobedience To Summons Issued By Congress
   Art.151. Resistance And Disobedience To A Person In Authority
   Art.152. Person In Authority And Agents Of Person In Authority
   Art.153. Tumults And Other Disturbances Of Public Order
   Art.154. Unlawful Use Of Means Of Publication And Unlawful Utterances
   Art.155. Alarms And Scandals
   Art.156. Delivery Of Prisoners From Jail
   Art.157. Evasion Of Service Of Sentence
   Art.158. Evasion Of Service Of Sentence On The Occasion Of Disorder
   Art.159. Other Cases Of Evasion Of Service Of Sentence
   Art.160. Commission Of Another Crime During Service Of Penalty

Crimes Against Public Interest - Title IV
   Art.161. Counterfeiting The Great Seal Of The Government Of The Philippines
   Art.162. Using Forged Signature Or Counterfeit Seal Or Stamp
   Art.163. Making And Importing And Uttering False Coins
   Art.164. Mutilation Of Coins - Importation And Utterance Of Mutilated Coins
   Art.165. Selling Of False Or Mutilated Coin, Without Connivance
   Art.166. Forging Treasury Or Bank Notes
   Art.167.Counterfeiting, Importing, And Uttering Instruments Not Payable To Bearer
   Art.168. Illegal Possession And Use Of False Treasury Or Bank Notes
   Art.169. How Forgery Is Committed
   Art.170. Falsification Of Legislative Documents
   Art.171. Falsification By Public Officer, Employee, Or Notary
   Art.172. Falsification By Private Individuals And Use Of Falsified Instruments
   Art.173. Falsification Of Wireless, Cable Telegraph And Telephone Messages
   Art.174. False Medical Certificates or Merit Or service
   Art.175. Using False Certificates
   Art.176. Manufacturing And Possession Of Instruments For Falsification
   Art.177. Usurpation Of Authority Or Official Functions
   Art.178. Using Fictitious Name And concealing True Name
   Art.179. Illegal Use Of Uniforms Or Insignia
   Art.180. False Testimony Against A Defendant
   Art.181. False Testimony Favorable To The Defendant
   Art.182. False Testimony In Civil Cases
   Art.183. False Testimony In Other Cases And Perjury In Solemn Affirmation
   Art.184. Offering False Testimony In Evidence
   Art.185. Machinations In Public Auctions
   Art.186. Monopolies And Combinations In Restraint Of Trade
   Art.187. Importation And Disposition Of Falsely Marked Articles
   Art.188. Substituting And Altering Trademarks, Tradenames, Or Service Marks
   Art.189. Unfair Competition

  Art.190 to 194 - repealed by RA 6425 - Dangerous Drugs Act Of 1972 
   RA. NO. 9165 - Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act Of 2002

Crimes Against Public Morals - Title VI
  Art.195 to 199 - repealed by PD 1602
  Art.200. Grave Scandal
   Art.201. Immoral Doctrines, Obscene Publications and Exhibitions
   Art.202. Vagrants And Prostitutes
  PD. NO. 449 - Cockfighting Law of 1974
   PD. NO.1602 - Prescribing Stiffer Penalties In Illegal Gambling

Crimes Committed By Public Officers - Title VII
  Art.203. Who Are Public Officers
   Art.204. Knowingly Rendering An Unjust Judgment
   Art.205. Judgment Rendered Through Negligence
   Art.206. Unjust Interlocutory Order
   Art.207. Malicious Delay In The Administration Of Justice
   Art.208. Prosecution Of Offenses: Negligence And Tolerance
   Art.209. Betrayal Of Trust By An Attorney Or Solicitor - Revelation Of Secrets
   Art.210. Direct Bribery
   Art.211. Indirect Bribery
   Art.211-A. Qualified Bribery
   Art.212. Corruption Of Public Officials
   Art.213. Frauds Against The Public Treasury And Similar Offenses
   Art.214. Other Frauds
   Art.215. Prohibited Transactions
   Art.216. Possession Of Prohibited Interests By A Public Officer
   Art.217. Malversation Of Public Funds Or Property
   Art.218. Failure Of Accountable Officer To Render Account
   Art.219. Failure Of A Responsible Public Officer To Render Accounts
   Art.220. Illegal Use Of Public Funds
   Art.221. Failure To Make Delivery Of Public Funds Or Property
   Art.222. Officers Included In The Preceding Provisions
   Art.223. Conniving With Or Consenting To Evasion
   Art.224. Evasion Through Negligence
   Art.225. Escape Of Prisoner Under The Custody Of A Person Not A Public Officer
   Art.226. Removal, Concealment, Or Destruction Of Documents
   Art.227. Officer Breaking Seal
   Art.228. Opening Of Closed Documents
   Art.229. Revelation Of Secrets By An Officer
   Art.230. Public Officer Revealing Secrets Of Private Individual
   Art.231. Open Disobedience
   Art.232. Disobedience To Order Of Superior Officer
   Art.233. Refusal Of Assistance
   Art.234. Refusal To Discharge Elective Office
   Art.235. Maltreatment Of Prisoners
   Art.236. Anticipation Of Duties Of A Public Office
   Art.237. Prolonging Performance Of Duties And Powers
   Art.238. Abandonment Of Office Or Position
   Art.239. Usurpation Of legislative Powers
   Art.240. Usurpation Of Executive Functions
   Art.241. Usurpation Of Judicial Functions
   Art.242. Disobeying Request For Disqualification
   Art.243. Addressing Orders Or Requests By Executive Officer
   Art.244. Unlawful Appointments
   Art.245. Abuses Against Chastity

Crimes Against Persons - Title VIII
  Art.246. Parricide
   Art.247. Death Or Physical Injuries Under Exceptional Circumstances
   Art.248. Murder
   Art.249. Homicide
   Art.250. Penalty For Frustrated Parricide, Murder Or Homicide
   Art.251. Death Caused In A Tumultuous Affray
   Art.252. Physical Injuries Inflicted In A Tumultuous Affray
   Art.253. Giving Assistance to Suicide
   Art.254. Discharge Of Firearms
   Art.255. Infanticide
   Art.256. Intentional Abortion
   Art.257. Unintentional Abortion
   Art.258. Abortion Practiced By The Woman Herself Or By Her Parents
   Art.259. Abortion Practiced By A Physician Or Midwife
   Art.260. Responsibility Of Participants In A Duel
   Art.261. Challenging To A Duel
   Art.262. Mutilation
   Art.263. Serious Physical Injuries
   Art.264. Administering Injurious Substance Or Beverages
   Art.265. Less Serious Physical Injuries
   Art.265. Slight Physical Injuries And Maltreatment
   Art.266A-266B Rape

Crimes Against Personal Liberty And Security - Title IX
  Art.267. Kidnapping And Serious Illegal Detention
   Art.268. Slight Illegal Detention
   Art.269. Unlawful Arrest
   Art.270. Kidnapping And Failure To Return A Minor
   Art.271. Inducing A Minor To Abandon His Home
   Art.272. Slavery
   Art.273. Exploitation Of Child Labor
   Art.274. Services Rendered Under Compulsion In Payment Of Debt
   Art.275. Abandonment Of Person In Danger
   Art.276. Abandoning A Minor
   Art.277. Abandonment Of Minor By Person Entrusted With His Custody
   Art.278. Exploitation Of Minors
   Art.279. Additional Penalties For Other Offenses
   Art.280. Trespass To Dwelling
   Art.281. Other Form Of Trespass
   Art.282. Grave Threats
   Art.283. Light Threats
   Art.284. Bond For Good Behavior
   Art.285. Other Light Threats
   Art.286. Grave Coercions
   Art.287. Light Coercions
   Art.288. Other Similar Coercions
   Art.289. Formation, Maintenance, And Prohibition Of...
   Art.290. Discovering Secrets Through Seizure Of Correspondence
   Art.291. Revealing Secrets With Abuse Of Office
   Art.292. Revelation Of Industrial Secrets

Crimes Against Property - Title X
  Art.293. Who are Guilty of Robbery
   Art.294. Robbery With Violence Against Or Intimidation Of Persons
   Art.295. Robbery With Physical Injuries Committed In An Uninhabited Place
   Art.296. Definition Of A Band And Penalty Incurred By Members Thereof
   Art.297. Attempted Or Frustrated Robbery With Homicide
   Art.298. Execution Of Deeds By Means Of Violence Or Intimidation
   Art.299. Robbery In An Inhabited House Or Public Building
   Art.300. Robbery In An Uninhabited Place By A Band
   Art.301. What Is An Inhabited House, Public Building Or ....
   Art.302. Robbery In An Uninhabited Place Or In A Private building
   Art.303. Robbery Of Cereals, Fruits, Or Firewood
   Art.304. Illegal Possession Of Picklocks Or Similar Tools
   Art.305. False Keys
   Art.306. Who Are Brigands: Penalty
   Art.307. Aiding And Abetting A Band Of Brigands
   Art.308. Theft
   Art.309. Penalties for Theft
   Art.310. Qualified Theft
   Art.311. Theft Of Property Of The National Library And National Museum
   Art.312. Occupation Of Real Property
   Art.313. Altering boundaries Or landmarks
   Art.314. Fraudulent Insolvency
   Art.315. Estafa (Swindling)
   Art.316. Other Forms Of Swindling
   Art.317. Swindling A Minor
   Art.318. Other Deceits
   Art.319. Removal. Sale Or Pledge Of Mortgaged Property
   Art.320. Arson  Art.320 to Art.326 repealed by PD 1613
   Art.327. Malicious Mischief
   Art.328. Special Cases Of Malicious Mischief
   Art.329. Other Mischiefs
   Art.330. Damage And Obstruction To Means Of Communication
   Art.331. Destroying or Damaging Statues, Public Monuments, or Paintings
   Art.332. Persons Exempt From Criminal Liability In Crimes Against Property

Crimes Against Chastity - Title XI
   Art.333. Adultery
   Art.334. Concubinage
   Art.335. Rape - Now Art.266-A
   Art.336. Acts of Lasciviousness
   Art.337. Qualified Seduction
   Art.338. Simple Seduction
   Art.339. Acts of lasciviousness with consent of the Offended Party
   Art.340. Corruption of Minors
   Art.341. White Slave Trade
   Art.342. Forcible Abduction
   Art.343. Consented Abduction
   Art.344. Prosecution of Adultery, Concubinage, Seduction...
   Art.345. Civil Liability of persons of Crimes Against Chastity
   Art.346. Liability of Ascendants, Guardian, Teachers

Crimes Against The Civil Status Of Persons - Title XII
  Art.347. Simulation Of Births
   Art.348. Usurpation of Civil Status
   Art.349. Bigamy
   Art.350. Marriage Contracted Against Provisions Of Laws
   Art.351. Premature Marriages
  Art.352. Performance Of Illegal Marriage Ceremony

Crimes Against Honor - Title XIII
  Art.353. Definition Of Libel/Defamation
   Art.354. Requirement of Publicity
   Art.355. Libel by Means of Writings Or Similar Means
   Art.356. Threatening To Publish Libel
   Art.357. Prohibited  Publication Of Acts
   Art.358. Slander - Oral Defamation
   Art.359. Slander By Deed
   Art.360. Persons Responsible Libel
   Art.361. Proof Of The Truth
   Art.362. Libelous Remarks
   Art.363. Incriminating Innocent Person
   Art.364. Intriguing Against Honor

Quasi - Offenses - Title XIV
   Art.365. Imprudence and Negligence

Special Crimes
   RA. No. 4661 - Shortening the prescriptive period for libel
   RA. NO. 6235 - Anti-Hijacking Law
   RA. NO. 6713 Ethical Standards For Public Officials And Employees
   RA. NO. 7080 An Act Defining And Penalizing The Crime Of Plunder
   RA. NO. 7438 Rights of Persons Arrested or Detained
   RA. NO. 7659 - Heinous Crimes Act Of 1993
   RA. NO. 8049 - The Anti-Hazing Law
   RA. NO. 8294 - Law Penalizing Illegal Possession Of Firearms
   RA. NO. 8353 - Anti-Rape Law of 1997
   RA. NO. 9160 - Anti Money Laundering Act Of 2001
   RA. NO. 9165 - Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act Of 2002
   RA. NO. 9262 - Anti-Violence Against Women And Their Children
   RA. NO. 9485 - Anti-Red Tape Act
   RA. NO.10591 - Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act
   RA. NO.11053 - The Anti-Hazing Act of 2018