PNB Passbook Savings Account

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PNB Passbook Savings Account

PNB Passbook Savings is an interest-bearing deposit account wherein
transactions are recorded in a passbook.

Initial Deposit Required

PNB Passbook Maintaining Balance

Average Daily Balance To Earn Interest

Interest Rate Per Year

Account Opening Requirement
1. Two (2) ID with picture.
   Must be Government Issued
   a. SSS ID
   b. Driver's License
   c. GSIS ID
   d. Passport
   e. PRC License
   f. Voters ID
   g. Postal ID
   h. AFP ID
   i. Firearms License
   j. PNP ID
   k. IBP ID
   l. OWWA ID

2. Two (2) ID Pictures
   either two 1X1 picture or two 2X2 picture

Things You Do Inside The Bank During Account Opening
1. You will accomplish Client Information Form
2. Fill out Account Information Form
3. Fill out Signature Card and Conditions Form


Dormancy Fee

Two (2) years without any account activity like deposit and

Passbook Replacement Fee 

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