Criminology Board Exam Reviewer Question and Answer

1.  PNP mandatory retirement age is
      A. 56
      B. 66
      C. 55
      D. 60

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2.  The Highest award given to PNP members.
      A. Medalya ng Katapatan
      B. Medalya ng Karunungan
      C. Medalya ng Kagitingan
      D. Medalya ng Kabayanihan

3.  Cold Weather Clothing allowance is usually given to PNP members assigned in
      A. Baguio City and Tagaytay City
      B. Rizal Province and Cordillera
      C. Cordillera and Davao
      D. Baguio City and Davao

4.  Optional retirement in the PNP is upon the accumulation of how many years of satisfactory service?
      A. 15 Years
      B. 20 Years
      C. 25 Years
      D. 30 Years

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5.  The Year Night Watch was formed in Boston.
      A. 1638
      B. 1700
      C. 1833
      D. 1905

6.  The Rattle Watch in New York was formed in what year?
      A. 1658
      B. 1700
      C. 1856
      D. 1905

7.  The Advent of daytime police with pay
      A. 1772
      B. 1800
      C. 1833
      D. 1856

8.  The Texas Rangers were organized in what year?
      A. 1658
      B. 1658
      C. 1856
      D. 1835

9.  In England, They were assistants to the constables and walked the streets removing vagrants.
      A. Thief Takers
      B. Beadies
      C. Food Pad
      D. Constables

10. In old England, Private citizens with no official status were paid by the King for every criminal they arrested, they were called
      A. Thief Takers
      B. Beadies
      C. Food Pad
      D. Constables

11. The Major role of the thief-takers in old England was to combat what crime, committed by highwaymen?
      A. Thief
      B. Highway Robbery
      C. Prostitution
      D. Vagrancy

12. It means Food Pad
      A. Street Robber
      B. Street Dancer
      C. Beggar
      D. Prostitutes

13. He was credited for laying the foundation for the first modern police force.
      A. Patrick Colquhoun
      B. Sir Robert Peel
      C. John Howard
      D. Henry Fielding

14. A London Magistrate, he established a small publicly financed special river or marine police.
      A. Patrick Colquhoun
      B. Sir Robert Peel
      C. Kohn Howard
      D. Henry Fielding

15. In England, the first river or marine police was established in what year?
      A. 1798
      B. 1898
      C. 1698
      D. 1598

16. Among his major contributions are the following: a. the hiring of accountants and lawyers as FBI special agents b. Introduction of the FBI uniform crime reporting c. Development of the National Crime info. center and d. Development of the FBI's most wanted criminal
      A. August Volmer
      B. John Edgar Hoover
      C. Robert Peels
      D. Henry Fielding

17. Procedures intended to be used in all situations of all kinds shall be outlined as a guide to officers and members in the field.
      A. Field Procedure
      B. Headquarters Procedure
      C. Special Operating Procedure
      D. None of the Above

18. Included in these procedures are the duties of the dispatcher, jailer, matron, and other personnel concerned which may be reflected in the duty manual.
      A. Field Procedure
      B. Headquarters Procedure
      C. Special Operating procedure
      D. None of the Above

19. Plans relating to patrol distribution, crime investigation, traffic operation, and vice control.
      A. Operational Plan
      B. Administrative Plan
      C. Strategic Plan
      D. Tactical Plan

20. The Board of Examiners for Criminology was created in what year?
      A. July 1, 1972
      B. June 1, 1972
      C. July 1, 1974
      D. June 1, 1974

1.    A
2.    C
3.    C
4.    B
5.    A
6.    A
7.    C
8.    D
9.    B
10   A
11.  B
12.  A
13.  D
14.  A
15.  A
16.  B
17.  A
18.  B
19.  A
20.  A

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