Criminology Reviewer

Criminology Reviewer 

My Professor at the University of The Cordilleras (The No.1 Criminology School In The Philippines) used to say that if you like to top the Board Exam for Criminologist, then start reviewing as early as the third year in college.

We Asked, Where do we begin? He said, Master the  Definition of Terms in all subjects and try answering all the criminology questions you find in the books.

Previous board exam questions and sample board exam questions are posted on the Internet by former examinees and even by Criminology Professors. Try finding, reading and answering them.

Below are links to Definition Of Terms and Sample Criminology Board Examination Questions I gathered from various sources on the Internet that may help you pass the Licensure Examination for Criminologist.

   Personal Identification
   Police Photography
   Forensic Ballistics
          Basic Gun Terminology
          History of Firearms (Timeline)
          Definition of Terms
          Parts of a Primer
          Primer Cups
   Legal Medicine
   Questioned Document Examination
   Polygraphy (Lie Detection)

Law Enforcement Administration
   Police Organization And Administration
   Industrial Security Management
   Police Patrol Operations with Police Communications System
   Police Personnel and Records Management
   Comparative Police System
   Police Operational Planning
   Police Intelligence

Criminal Law And Jurisprudence
   Criminal Law - Law and Jurisprudence
                             Criminal Law Book 1 - Definition of Terms
                             Criminal Law Book 2 - Definition of Terms
   Criminal Procedure - Law, and Jurisprudence
   Criminal Evidence - Law and Jurisprudence
                                     Evidence Reviewer (Definition of Terms)
   Criminal Law (Book 1) - Definition of Terms
   Criminal Law (Book 2) - Definition of Terms
   Special Penal Laws - Definition of Terms
   Criminal Evidence - Definition of Terms
   Criminal Procedure - Definition of Terms

Crime Detection And Investigation
   Fundamentals Of Criminal Investigation
   Traffic Management And Accident Investigation
   Drug Education And Vice Control
   Organized Crime Investigation
   Fire Technology And Arson Investigation
   Special Crime Investigation

Criminal Sociology
   Introduction To Criminology
   Philippine Criminal Justice System
   Juvenile Delinquency And Crime Prevention
   Human Behavior And Crisis Management
   Police Ethics and Values

Correctional Administration
   Institutional Corrections
   Non-Institutional Corrections

Try Answering the following Questions
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