Crime Detection and Investigation Review Questions

 Crime Detection and Investigation Review Questions

The use of one or more electrical appliances or devices that draw or consume electrical current beyond the designed capacity of the existing electrical system 

A. self-closing door  

B. jumper  

C. overloading 

D. oxidizing material

Answer: Overloading

An enclosed vertical space of passage that extends from floor  to floor, as well as from the base to the top of the building is called 

A. sprinkle evidence 

B. vertical shaft 

C. flash point 

D. standpipe system

Answer: Vertical shaft

A wall designated to prevent the spread of fire has a fire-resistance rating of not less than four hours with sufficient structural stability to remain standing even if construction on either side collapses under the fire conditions. 

A. Wood rack  

B. Firewall 

C. Post wall 

D. Firetrap

Answer: Firewall

Any act that would remove or neutralize a fire hazard. 

A. Allotment 

B. Combustion 

C. Distillation 

D. Abatement

Answer: Abatement

The ____ shall be conducted as a pre-requisite to grant permits and/or licenses by local governments or other government agencies. 

A. Fire safety inspection 

B. Fire protection assembly 

C. Fire alerting system 

D. Fire service

Answer: Fire safety inspection

An instance that may cause fires from the heat accumulated from the rolling, sliding, or friction in machinery or between two hard surfaces, at least one of which is usually a metal is called. 

A. static electricity 

B. overheating of the machine 

C. friction heat 

D. heat from arching

Answer: Friction heat

The minimum temperature at which a liquid forms a vapor above its surface in sufficient concentration that it can be ignited.

A. Ignition temperature

B. Kindling temperature

C. Fire point

D. Flash point

Answer: Flash point

It is a process by which heat is transferred by movement of a heated fluid such as air or water.

A. Convection

B. Conduction

C. Radiation

D. Electrolysis

Answer: Convection

Known as the “Fire Code of the Philippines”.

A. RA 6975

B. RA 9514

C. RA 9263

D. PD 1613

Answer: RA 9514

Product of combustion which combustible materials and oxidizing agents react to heat.

A. Fire 

B. Smoke

C. Fire Gases 

D. Flame

Answer: Fire

Means employed to avoid the occurrence of fire.

A. Fire Suppression 

B. Fire Inspection

C. Fire Control 

D. Fire Prevention

Answer: Fire Prevention

The ratio of the weight of a solid or liquid substance to the weight of an equal volume of water.

A. Specific Gravity

B. Vapor Pressure

C. Vapor density

D. Vapor Pressure

Answer: Specific Gravity

The weight of a volume of pure gas is composed of the volume of dry air at the same temperature and pressure.

A. Specific Gravity

B. Vapor Pressure

C. Vapor density

D. None of the above

Answer: Vapor density

The force exerted by the molecules on the surface of a liquid.

A. Specific Gravity

B. Vapor Pressure

C. Vapor density

D. Temperature

Answer: Vapor pressure

One of the kinds of oxidation which is the same as actual burning. It is the rapid oxidation accompanied by heat and light.

A. Combustion

B. Boiling point 

C. Flames

D. Flash point

Answer: Combustion

Heat is measured by its

A. heat wave

B. temperature

C. ignition

D. flash point

Answer: Temperature

Of the three things essential before a fire can occur which one of the following is not included?

A. Fuel

B. Oxygen

C. Wind

D. Initial source of heat

Answer: Wind

Whether it be liquid, solid, or gas, it is the minimum temperature that the substance must be heated in order to sustain combustion.

A. Flash point

B. Burning point

C. Ignition Temperature

D. Temperature

Answer: Ignition temperature

It is poisonous and is a normal product of combustion, especially when the air supply to the fire is restricted.

A. Carbon monoxide

B. Smoke

C. Carbon Dioxide

D. Gas

Answer: Carbon monoxide

It is a form of energy caused by the random movement of molecules.

A. Oxygen

B. Fuel

C. Heat

D. Chemical reaction

Answer: Heat

During the combustion process, it is drawn from the atmospheric air in order to completely oxidize the fuel.

A. Flame

B. Oxygen

C. Heat

D. Ignition

Answer: Oxygen

Fires involving energized electrical equipment or those that start in live electrical wires, equipment, electrical appliances, and telephone switchboards.

A. Class "A" Fires

B. Class "B" Fires

C. Class "C" Fires

D. Class "D" Fires

Answer: Class "C" Fires

Described as a self-sustaining chemical reaction yielding energy or products that cause further reactions of the same kind.

A. Fire

B. Combustion

C. Oxidation

D. Chemical reaction

Answer: Combustion

The process of combining a substance with oxygen (usually air) in the presence of heat.

A. Fire

B. Combustion

C. Oxidation

D. Chemical reaction

Answer: Oxidation

A series of reactions that occur in sequence with the result of each individual reaction being added to the rest. Also called a chain reaction.

A. Fire

B. Combustion

C. Oxidation 

D. Chemical reaction

Answer: Chemical reaction

A rapid, self-sustaining oxidation process accompanied by the evolution of heat and light in varying intensities, or is a chemical reaction in which a substance combines with oxygen, heat is released and the form of the substance is destroyed.

A. Fire

B. Combustion

C. Oxidation

D. Chemical reaction

Answer: Fire

In criminal investigation, before taking the sworn statement of a suspect, the investigator should inform the former of?

A. The name of the complainant

B. His constitutional rights

C. The evidence collected against him

D. His identity as an officer in the case

Answer: His Constitutional rights

He is credited with the creation of the first crime laboratory in the US.

A. Alexander Lacassagne

B. Arthur Conan Doyle

C. Hans Gross

D. August Vollmer

Answer: August Vollmer

He is the first Filipino fingerprint technician employed by the Philippine Constabulary.

A. Generoso Reyes

B. Lucila Lalu

C. Augustin Patricio

D. Tanggol

Answer:  Generoso Reyes

It is known as the Fire Code of the Philippines.

a. RA. 9514

b. PD. 1185

c. RA. 9512

d. PD. 1613

Answer: A

It refers to the chemical process whereby fire consumes the most solid part of the fuel:

a. Combustion

b. Backdraft

c. Pyrolysis

d. Propagation

Answer: C

What is the color of a luminous flame?

a. Reddish-orange

b. Light Blue

c. Blue

d. Bright Yellow

Answer: D

It is the composition of oxygen in air under normal conditions.

a. 15%

b. 21%

c. 19%

d. 32%

Answer: B

What is the most important element of fire?

a. Heat

b. Oxygen

c. Fuel

d. None of these

Answer: B

It is an art that deals with the identity and location of the offender and proves his guilt in a criminal proceeding.

a. Investigation

b. Criminal Investigation

c. Probing

d. Criminal Detection

Answer: B

The following are the duties of the criminal investigator, except.

a. Establish that, in fact, a crime was committed under the law.

b. Identify and apprehend the suspect.

c. To establish the credibility of the organization.

d. To assist the state in prosecuting the party charged with the offense.

Answer: C

An eyewitness may aid the investigator in solving the crime and may identify the following, except?

a. Any deformities

b. Face

c. Attitude

d. Gait

Answer: C

This is not part of the phases of criminal investigation

a. Preliminary Investigation

b. Follow-up Investigation

c. Progress Investigation

d. Final Investigation

Answer: C

This refers to the act of making a situation, action, or offense seem less serious or more forgivable by providing reasons or factors that reduce its negative impact оr significance.

a. Extenuation

b. Shifting the blame

c. Sympathetic Approach

d. Kindness

Answer: A

Father of Modern Policing System?

a. Sir Robert Peel

b. John Fielding

c. Hans Gross

d. Eugene Francois Vidocq

Answer: A

He is attributed with the establishment of LA SÜRETÉ which means "security" or "safety".

a. Sir Robert Peel

b. John Fielding

c. Hans Gross

d. Eugene Francois Vidocq

Answer: D

He was a former criminal who first introduced the idea of a thief-taker?

a. Francis Turkey

b. Henry Fielding

c. Jonathan Wild

d. Eugene Francois Vidocq

Answer: C

He is regarded as America's Founder of Criminal Investigation?

a. Allan Pinkerton

b. Edgar J. Hoover

c. Insp. Thomas Byrnes

d. Edmond Locard

Answer: A

He is considered as the Father of Modern Policing System in the US.

a. Sir Robert Peel

b. John Fielding

c. Hans Gross

d. August Vollmer

Answer: D

What is extravasation or effusion of blood in a newly formed cavity underneath the skin?

A. Hematoma

B. Contusion

C. Abrasions

D. Petechiae

Answer: A

A wound that is produced by a sharp-edged instrument like a knife and bolo?

A. Lacerated wound

B. Punctured wound

C. Incised wound

D. Defense wound

Answer: C

It refers to a condition of a woman who permits any form of sexual liberties as long as they abstains from rupturing the hymen by the sexual act.

A. Demi-Virginity

B. Virgo Intacta

C. Moral Virginity

D. Physical Virginity

Answer: A

This is the instantaneous rigidity of the muscles which occurs at the moment of death due to extreme nervous tension.

A. Cadaveric spasm

B. Algor mortis

C. Rigor mortis

D. Cold stiffening

Answer: A

It is the complete, persistent, and continuous cessation of vital functions of the brain, heart, and lungs that maintain life and health.

A. Somatic Death

B. Molecular Death

C. Apparent Death

D. State of suspended animation

Answer: A

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