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How To Open A Bank Account 
In The Philippines While Abroad?

Can you open a bank account in the Philippines while abroad?
Yes, you can open an OFW savings account with the following bank
1. BPI
2. BDO
3. PNB
4. Metrobank

   You can do this through their oversees branches, desk offices in
   tie-up banks and remit offices in your country of work.

   It seems that if a Philippine bank has no branch abroad, then
   you can not open a savings account while abroad.
   For example in Egypt, there is no branch of any Philippine bank so
   one can not open a Philippine bank account there.

What Philippine bank can you open a bank account while abroad?
BPI Direct Savings Bank

      BPI Direct Savings Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of
      the Philippine Islands.

      1. Only BPI Direct deposit accounts can be opened online.
      2. You need to complete the new account opening application
         process at the most convenient BPI branch which you will
         nominate. That branch is where you will also get your ATM
      3. At the branch which you nominate, you will be asked to sign
         your signature card with deposit terms and agreements and
         make your initial deposit.
      4. BPI Direct Savings Bank in its website said that it is
         devising ways to allow clients abroad like OFW to open bank
         account through the Internet and making it paperless as

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