land bank time deposit

Land Bank Time Deposit

Regular Peso Time Deposit

Minimum Deposit Requirement

Interest Rate
Varies Depending On Term And Amount

At least 30 Days

1. Two Valid ID's
2. 1 X 1 ID Picture
3. TIN Number Must be Presented

Additional Requirement For Sole Proprietorship Business
1. Registration of Business Name with Department of Trade and Industry
2. City/Municipal Mayor’s Permit
3. Application for Renewal of City/Municipal Mayor’s Permit/Old Registration
4. Two valid IDs of authorized signatory/ies

Accepted ID's
1. SSS ID,
3. Driver’s License,
4. Company ID (present),
5. School ID, Passport,
6. TIN ID, Postal ID,
7. Phil Health ID,
8. Marriage Contract (original copy),
9. Major Credit Card,
10.Membership Card of well-known associations and clubs,
11.HMO ID,
12.Senior Citizens Card.

US Dollar Time Deposit

Minimum Deposit Requirement

Minimum 30 Days
Maximum 365 Days

Interest Rate
Varies Depending On Term and Amount

Requirement For Individuals
Same as Peso Time Deposit Above

1. BPI Time Deposit Rate for A term of 35 days, 50,000 to less than
   100,000, the interest is .5000%. Longer Term means higher interest.
2. Metrobank Time Deposit Rate,s minimum placement of 10,000 for
   a term of 30 days will earn you a .250% interest.

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