Questioned Document Review Questions and Answers

1. A document that is being questioned because of its origin, its contents, the circumstances, or the stories of its production.

     A. disputed document

     B. standard document

     C. requested document

     D. questioned document

     Answer: questioned document

2. The art of beautiful writing is known as

     A. drafting

     B. calligraphy

     C. art appreciation

     D. gothic


     Answer: calligraphy

3. Any written instrument by which a right or obligation is established.

     A. document

     B. subpoena

     C. warrant

     D. letter

     Answer: document

4. It is considered the most skillful class of forgery.

     A. carbon tracing

     B. simple forgery

     C. simulated or copied forgery

     D. traced forgery

     Answer: simulated forgery

5. A condensed and compact set of authentic specimens which is adequate and proper, should contain a cross-section of the material from known sources.

     A. disguised document

     B. questioned document 

     C. standard document

     D. requested document

     Answer: standard document

6. A method of characterizing handwriting by measurement of the proportionate values of the angle and ratio of the heights and widths of letters.

      A. Graphometry 

      B. Graphology

     C. Haplography

     D. Graphonomics

      Answer: Graphometry

7. The art of attempting to interpret the character of personality of an individual from his handwriting, also called grapho-analysis.

     A. Graphometry

     B. Graphology

     C. Haplography

     D. Graphonomics 

     Answer: Graphology

8. The unintentional omission in writing or copying of one or more adjacent and similar letters, syllables, words, or lines.

     A. Graphometry

     B. Graphology

     C. Haplography 

     D. Graphonomics

     Answer: Haplography

9. The study of the science and technology of handwriting and other graphic skills (coined in 1982). 

     A. Graphonomics 

     B. Graphology

     C. Haplography

     D. Graphonomics

     Answer: Graphonomics 

10. A registered trade name that identifies the system of handwriting analysis taught by the International Graphoanalysis Society Inc.

     A. Graphonomics

     B. Graphoanalysis 

     C. Haplography

     D. Graphology

     Answer: Graphoanalysis 

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