Law Enforcement Administration Review Questions

Law Enforcement Administration Review Questions

It depicts the unbroken flow of command from the top to the bottom of the organizational hierarchy.

A. Chain of Command

B. Span of control

C. Unity of command

D. Hierarchy of authority

Answer: Chain of Command

A PNP personnel with the rank of Police Lieutenant Colonel is subject to the appointing power of the ______ to the next higher rank.

A. President

B. DILG Secretary

C. President subject to the confirmation of the Commission on Appointments

D. Chief PNP

Answer: President

Organization may be defined as arranging personnel and functions in a systematic manner designed to accommodate stated goals and objectives in the best manner.


A. effective

B. excellent

C. efficient

D. economical

Answer: Efficient

Hierarchy of authority which is the order of ranks from the highest to the lowest levels of the organization called

A. scalar Chain

B. unity of command

C. line of authority

D. chain of command

Answer: Scalar Chain

It postulates that the commander is directly responsible for any act or omission of his subordinates in relation to the performance of their official duty

A. Command responsibility

B. Unity of Command

C. Delegation of Authority

D. Span of Control

Answer: Command Responsibility

The following were authorized to conduct summary dismissal over administrative cases against uniformed PNP personnel, except.


B. Chief PNP

C. PNP Regional Directors

D. None of these

Answer: IAS

The power to revoke the licenses issued to security guards is vested to

A. Chief PNP

B. Secretary, DILG

C. PNP Regional Director

D. Chairman, Napolcom

Answer:  Chief PNP

What operational support units of the PNP conduct the identification and evaluation of physical evidence related to crimes?

A. Health service

B. Crime Laboratory



Answer: Crime Laboratory

This early English Police System adopted the so-called "tithings".

A. Frankpledge system 

B. Metropolitan Constabulary of London

C. Parish constable system

D. Bow Street runners

Answer:  Frankpledge system

In criminal investigation before taking the sworn statement of a suspect, the investigator should inform the former of?

A. The name of complainant and witnesses

B. His constitutional rights

C. The evidence collected against him

D. His identity as officer on case

Answer: B

What is 'Tailgating in the context of security management?

a. Using fake identification cards

b. Unauthorized individuals following authorized personnel to gain entry

c. Smuggling goods out of the premises

d. Illegally copying access keys

Answer: B

What is the purpose of conducting a security audit?

a. To identify potential business opportunities

b. To assess employee job performance

c. To evaluate the effectiveness of security measures

d. To conduct financial analysis

Answer: C

What does the acronym "HSE" stand for in the context of industrial security?

a. High Security Establishment

b. Hazardous Safety Environment

c. Health, Safety, and Environment

d. Hostile Security Enforcement

Answer: C

What does "SWOT" stand for in the context of security risk assessment?

a. Security Watch and Operational Training

b. Safety Workflow and Occupational Tracking

c. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

d. Security Workforce Optimization Tactics

Answer: C

Which of the following is NOT a physical security measure?

a. Security cameras

b. Access control systems

c. Employee training

d. Perimeter fencing

Answer: C