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BC Websight Internet Cafe

BC Websight is an Internet Cafe. It is open for franchising.

1. Online Gaming
2. Downloading
3. Internet Surfing
4. Internet Communication
5. Typing/Encoding/Scanning
6. Photocopying/printing
7. Fax Sending and Receiving
8. E-Loading
9. Internet and Gaming Cards

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Franchise Fee

5 years renewable

Royalty Fee
5% of gross sales

Shop Space Requirement
60 square meter minimum

What is included in the Franchise Fee?
1. Use of Trade Name
2. Training of Franchisee and Staff
3. Procurement Program
4. Marketing Assistance
5. Opening Assistance
6. Operations Manual
7. Research and Development
8. POS System

Note: BC.Websight was established in 1999 and the data on Franchise
         Fee and Royalty fee may no longer be accurate, please contact
         them for the accuracy of the said amount.

7 and counting

How to contact bc.websight?
1. By Personal Visit
   a. Molave Corner Anonas Streets Project 3 , Quezon City
   b. Inside Farmer's Plaza, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
2. By Call
   02 912 5216
   02 912-2946
   02 955-0734

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