Criminology Board Exam Schedule

criminology board exam schedule
Board Exam Schedule

Criminology Board Exam Schedule
April 2015

The Next Criminology Board Examination is set
to take place on April 7, 8 and 9, 2015. That is
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

If You are a repeat examinee, the deadline for submitting your
application to take the board exam is on March 11, 2015.

If You are a first time examinee, the deadline for submitting
your application to take the board exam is on March 18, 2015.

The Criminology Board Examination shall be held in Manila and
all PRC Regional Offices except Pagadian, Zamboanga.

Criminology Board Exam Venue
The last criminology board exam was held in the following places:
      1. Baguio City
      2. Cagayan De Oro City
      3. Cebu City
      4. Davao City
      5. Iloilo City
      6. Legazpi City
      7. Lucena City
      8. Tacloban City
      9. Tuguegarao City
      10.Pagadian City

Please take note that this may change at anytime.

For further inquiries, you may inquire in through their
telephone numbers listed below or visit them personally.

      1. Baguio City
            Location - CTLL Building, 141 Abanao Extension,
            Tel. No. - (074) 3043080, 3043028, 3043180, 4245053
      2. Cagayan De Oro City
            Location - Elfante Building, General Antonio Luna St.
            Tel. No. - (088) 2313723, (08822) 721917
      3. Cebu City

            Location - 979 V. Rama Ave., St., Guadalupe
            Tel. No. - Tel: (032) 2539993, (032) 2535330

      4. Davao City

            Location - 2nd Floor Granland Business Center, Rafael Castillo St
            Tel. No. - Tel: (082) 2340007 to 08
      5. Iloilo City

            Location - 2nd Floor N.B. Building, Lopez Jaena St., Jaro
            Tel. No. - Tel: (033) 3292730, (033) 3292733, (033) 3293705
      6. Legazpi City

            Location - Regional Office No. V, Regional Government
                             Center Site, Rawis
            Tel. No. - Tel: (052) 4813079
      7. Lucena City

            Location - 2nd Floor Grand Central Terminal, Ilayang Dupay
            Tel. No. - Tel: (042) 3737316
      8. Tacloban City

            Location - Robert Yu Building, Ground Floor (beside GSIS),
                             Brgy. 77, Fatima Village, Marasbaras
            Tel. No. - Tel: (053) 3239788, (053) 3239828
      9. Tuguegarao City

            Location - Regional Government Center, Carig Sur
            Tel. No. - Telefax: (078) 3040701, (078) 3043703
      10.Pagadian City

            Location - 149 F. S. Pajares St
            Tel. No. - Telefax: (062) 9250080


            Location - 149 F. S. Pajares St
            Tel. No. - (632) 7362252 - Application for Board Examination
                            (632) 3100026 - General Inquiries
      12.Zamboanga - There is no Regional Office existing in Zamboanga
                                   Inquiries may be addressed to the Manila office.

The Above information is for general information only.
The accurate thing to do is to inquire personally by calling the
above mentioned telephone numbers or visit their office

Good luck in your review. For those who are self reviewing.
One piece of advice. Master the definition of terms in all
subjects. That will be your foundation and fall back.

Review materials are posted in the Internet by various
criminology professors, criminology board exam passers,
and some are even board exam topnotchers. Just type
your queries in your preferred search engine like yahoo
and google and I am sure you will find something of value.



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