Theft of Property of the National Library and National Museum


Theft of property on National Library and Museum has a fixed penalty regardless of its value.

Theft of property of the National Museum and National Library has a fixed penalty regardless of its value. But if it was with grave abuse of confidence, the penalty for qualified theft shall be imposed.


Prima facie presumption of illegal fishing when:
1) Explosive, obnoxious or poisonous substance or equipment or device for electric fishing are found in the fishing boat or in the possession of fisherman; or
2) When fish caught with the use of explosives, obnoxious or poisonous substances or by electricity are found in a fishing boat


Cattle rustling: taking away by means, methods or schemes, without the consent of the owner/raiser, of any large cattle whether or not for profit, or whether committed with or without violence against or intimidation of person or force upon things. It includes the killing of large cattle, taking its meat, or hide without the consent of the owner/raiser.

Large cattle: include cow, carabao, horse, mule, ass, other domesticated members of the bovine family. A goat is not included because it is not large.

Presumption: Every person in possession of large cattle shall upon demand by competent authorities exhibit required documents. Failure to do so is prima facie evidence that large cattle in possession are fruits of the crime of cattle rustling

The killing of the owner is absorbed in cattle rustling.