RA No. 9262

Anti Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004

What is the Battered Woman Syndrome?
What is its effect on the criminal liability of the accused?

Battered Woman Syndrome refers to a scientifically defined pattern of psychological and behavioral symptoms found in women living in battering relationships as a result of cumulative abuse.

Battery refers to any act of inflicting physical harm upon the woman or her child resulting in physical and psychological or emotional distress.

Victim-survivors who are found by the courts to be suffering from Battered Woman Syndrome do not incur any criminal or civil liability notwithstanding the absence of any of the elements for justifying circumstances of self-defense under the RPC.

PEOPLE vs. GENOSA, G.R. No. 135981. 1/15/04
In order to be classified as a battered woman, the accused and her spouse must go through the battering cycle at least twice. Any woman may find herself in an abusive relationship with a man once. If it occurs a second time, and she remains in the situation, she is defined as a battered woman.