Metrobank Initial Deposit

metrobank initial deposit
Metrobank Initial Deposit

Metrobank Initial Deposit

The Following are Metrobank's Initial Deposit for the various deposit
products it offers.

Passbook Savings Account
      Passbook Savings - P10,000
      OFW - 0
      SSS Pensioner - P100
      US Pensioner  - P500

Metrobank ET Savings Account
      Savings - P2,000
      OFW     - 0
      SSS Pensioner - P100

MetroDollar Savings Account
US $500

Fun Savers Club
P500 - fun savers club peso
$100 - fun savers club dollar

Other Foreign Currency Savings Account 


Japanese Yen

Selected Branches only

British Pound

Swiss Francs

Canadian Dollar

There are over 1,000 Metrobank ATM machine in the entire Philippines.
There are more than 2,600 Bancnet ATM in the entire Philippines.

Disclaimer: For Information purposes only
                      Taken from the Metrobank Website.

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Metrobank Passbook Account

metrobank passbook account
Metrobank Passbook

Metrobank Passbook Account

Metrobank Passbook Account is an interest-bearing deposit account
which you keep track of through a personal passbook.

Initial Deposit Required

Maintaining Balance Required

Balance To Earn Interest

Interest Per Year

Service Fee For Metrobank Passbook Savings Account Below Minimum
Monthly Average Daily Balance (ABD) - for 2 (Two) consecutive months

Other Metrobank Deposit Savings Account Products
1. Metrobank ET Savings Account
2. MetroDollar Savings Account
3. Other Foreign Currency Savings Account
4. Fun Savers Club

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SSS Paternity Leave Form


SSS Paternity Leave Form

Below are samples of Paternity leave Form

1. In the Philippines

Ateneo de Manila University
Human Resource Management Office


Employee Name: __________________________________________

Position Title / Rank:___________________Unit / Dept: ___________
Personnel Category:[ ]Faculty [ ]Staff [ ]Professional [ ]Admin. Officer

Wife's Name:   First Name   ______________Maiden Name  ________

Home Address:  ___________________________________________

This is to notify my employer that my wife is pregnant and is expected
to give  birth on (due date) ___________________________.This will
be her [ ] first   [ ] second   [ ] third   [ ] fourth  [ ] _______
delivery (counting all childbirths and miscarriages).

As supporting document(s). I have attached:
[ ]  photocopy of marriage contract (only for the Initial Notification)
[ ]  physician's certification as to expected date of delivery

I certify on my honor that the foregoing information is true and correct,
and that I am providing such information for the purpose of securing
eligibility for Paternity Leave Benefit as provided under R.A. No.8187.

______________________                 ____________________
        Signature of Employee                          Date

Endorsed by:

Noted by:
                               Unit Head

Here is the link to the original paternity leave form

2. In the United States of America

From: James Hadley
      Arthur Road, California

To: The Mather and Andrews Lawyers and Solicitors,
    Rosewood Building, Park Street, California

21st June 2010

Ref: Application for paternity leave

Dear Sir,

I am forwarding my application for paternity leave as you are well
aware that my wife has delivered a baby last night. There is no one
to look after my 3 year old daughter at home. I will find it
difficult to manage home and office. Since my wife has had a cesarean
section as her labor was difficult she will have to stay in the
hospital for a week.

Besides this the baby has developed jaundice. Although the doctors
say that it is not a cause to worry, my wife will get a discharge
only after the baby is normal.

Sir, I therefore request you to kindly grant me a month’s paternity
leave w.e.f. 22nd June, 2010.

Thanking you,


James Hadley

Here is the link to the original paternity leave form sample

Your name

Your Address

Your City state, zip

Your Phone number,

Your Email





Office address,

City, State, Zip.

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that my wife is in her last
stages of pregnancy with our first child and I wish to take two weeks
of paternity leave and another two weeks for unplanned leave as no
one is around her to take care of her and the child. I would avail
this leave after the delivery and as this is the first child I cannot
provide you with accurate leave dates.

I will take 4 weeks of leave till my parents are around to take
care of her and child.

I hope you understand my position and allow me to avail these leaves.
I will resume work after a month as soon as my parents are in and
join work immediately.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Name

Here is the link to the original paternity leave form sample

John P. Jacobs, Senior Assistant
Smith Communications
854 Bluebird Lane
Columbus, OH 43266

April 11, 2014

Marcy Osedo, HR Manager
Smith Communications
9332 Red Rock Road
Columbus, OH 43266

Dear Ms. Osedo,

As you may already be aware, my wife and I are happy to be expecting
our first child, due to be born in June. I am writing this letter to
request a paternity leave of 4 weeks in order to care for my family,
starting 8 weeks from now on May 26, 2014, until June 23, 2014. At
the end of the 4 weeks, I will return to the office and resume my
work normally.

I will endeavor to complete all currently unfinished projects between
now and May 26, and put forth as much effort as possible into making
up for lost time when I return to the office at the end of my
paternity leave. I can be reached during my leave if any clarification
is needed in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns,
please do not hesitate to leave a message for me via telephone at
(332)987-3922 or by email at [email protected] and I will get in
touch with you as soon as possible.

I appreciate your assistance in this matter, as a paternity leave
will enable me to help my family transition into its new stage in
a healthier way and allow me to be more focused on my projects
when I do come back to work. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

John P. Jacobs
Senior Assistant

Here is the link to the original paternity leave form sample

3. In the UK

   Sample Paternity Leave Form - UK
   Sample Leave Appication Form

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Chemical Engineering Board Exam Reviewer


Chemical Engineering 
Board Exam Review Center

1. Manila Review Institute, Inc.

   Review Fees For Regular Program
   P14,952 - Cash
   P16,072 - Installment
   P3,920  - Reservation Fee. This will be deducted from the review
             fee once enrolled in the review program.

   Review Fees For Refresher Program
   P6,944 - Cash
   P2,800 - Reservation Fee. Deductible from the review fee once
            enrolled in the refresher program.

   How To Contact The Review Center
   1. By making a call
   2. By sending an e-mail
      [email protected]
   3. By personal visit
      3/F Consuelo Building, 929 Nicanor Reyes St.
      (formerly Morayta), Manila

2. Flores Chemical Engineering Review Center

   Review Fee - P9,000 - This is the year 2011 price. You may inquire
   below contact numbers for more details.

   How To Contact The Review Center
   1. By Personal Visit
      Rm 306 CDC Bldg. 2 (Colon corner Jakosalem Sts, Pari-an),
      6000 Cebu City
   2. By making a call
   3. By sending an e-mail
      [email protected]

Free Chemical Engineering Board Exam Reviewer
Chemical Engineering Practice Examination

Please feel free to post a comment if you know a Chemical Engineering
Review Center aside from those mentioned above and I will add it in my
review. Thanks.

BDO ATM Requirements

bdo atm requirement

BDO ATM Requirements

BDO ATM is a peso savings account offered by BDO in which you are
issued an ATM card to do banking transactions such as the following:
1. Withdraw funds from an ATM machine
2. Make Deposit to an ATM machine
3. Make balance inquiry from an ATM machine

The Minimum Initial Deposit to open a Peso ATM savings account without
passbook is P2,000.

The Minimum monthly average daily balance requirement is also P2,000.
You must maintain this amount to prevent the bank from charging you,
P300 for maintaining below minimum balance.

The Minimum balance to earn interest from your deposit is P5,000.

The Interest rate per year that you will earn from your deposit is

Interest earned will be subjected to 20% withholding tax.
So the P125 interest you earn in one year from your P5,000 deposit will
be subjected to a deduction of 20% tax.

With 857 and counting BDO ATM machines nationwide, you are assured
of 24 hour access to your account.

BDO ATM requirements to open an ATM savings account
1. P2,000 for the initial deposit
2. 2 Valid ID cards - ex. SSS,GSIS,Drivers License,School ID,Passport.
   The ID Card that you present such as drivers license and school ID
   must be current and not expired.
3. At the BDO bank branch where you will open account, you will be
   required to provide a specimen of your signature.
4. 2 ID picture will also be required (recent 6 months picture)
   I submitted 2 1X1 picture when i opened my account but it comes
   handy to have a passport size picture in you, in case this requirement
   will change in the future.

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Master Plumber Board Exam Result Middle East October 2014

master plumber
Master Plumber Logo

Master Plumber Board Exam Result Middle East
October 2014

The Result of the Master Plumber Board Examination held in the
following places has been released.
1. Abu Dhabi, UAE
2. Al Khobar, KSA
3. Riyadh, KSA
4. Doha, Qatar

36 examinees out of 84 passed.

Fifty Seven (57) schools participated in the examination.

Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University has the most
number of examinees with five (5).

The Following are those who passed:


BPI Savings Account Requirements

bpi savings account requirements

BPI ATM Requirements 2015

BPI Savings Account Opening Requirement
1. Submission of duly completed and executed account opening forms
      - the bank teller or bank personnel will give you this
      - fill the required information
2. Delivery of the initial deposit amount
      - For Express Teller Savings Account Deposit
      - Required initial deposit is P500
      - Required Minimum Monthly Balance is P3,000
      - Required Daily Balance to Earn Interest is P5,000
      - Interest Rate Per Year is 0.250%
3. Other supporting documents as may be prescribed by the Bank
      - 2 1X1 ID Picture but I advise you to bring passport size
        with you as its been 3 years ago when I opened an account.
      - Submit signature cards containing your specimen signatures
        or those of your authorized signatory(ies). To be provided
        by the bank.
4. Bring at least 2 ID Card. ID card such as drivers license or
   passport must not be expired.

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Access your cash easily with BPI's 2,100 Automated Teller Machines
(ATM) strategically located nationwide. With the BPI Express Teller
ATM facility available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you now have
instant access to your cash for your various needs.

What Can You Do With Your BPI ATM Card
The BPI Express Teller ATM is more than just for withdrawals. It also
provides you with unparalleled banking services to match your active
lifestyle, allowing you to do the following:
1. Inquire your Account Balance anytime, anywhere
2. Transfer funds to and from another enrolled Express Teller Account
3. Pay your bills to over 170 partner merchants, utilities and
4. Deposit cash or check to another Express teller account
5. Provide Special Services facility that includes:
      a. Globe, Touch Mobile Prepaid reloading
      b. Express Online and Express Mobile enrollments activation
      c. PIN change
6. Use ATM card as a debit card

All transactions of BPI Express Teller ATM cards done at any BPI or
BPI Family Savings Bank Express Teller ATM are Free of Charge.

Fees You Pay When Using Other Banks ATM Machine
1. Withdrawal - P15
2. Balance Inquiry - P1.50

Fees You Pay For Transactions Done Through International Cirrus Access
1. Withdrawal - 3.50 US Dollar
2. Balance Inquiry - 1 US Dollar
3. Denied Transaction - 0.50 US Dollar
         a. Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
         b. Insufficient Funds

Other Fees You May Need To Pay
1. Monthly Service Charge for Falling Below the Required ADB - P300
2. Monthly Dormancy Charge - P200
3. Over-the-Counter Funds Transfer via Debit/Credit Memo - P50 per
4. Fee for Closing within 1 Month from Date of Opening - P500
5. ATM Card Replacement - P100

Daily Withdrawal Limit
1. Regular Peso Accounts P20,000
2. Maxi One Accounts P50,000
3. Dollar Account US$500

Minimum Withdrawal Amount Per Transaction In Express Teller ATMs
1. BPI and BPI Direct Accounts P500
2. BPI Family Savings Bank Accounts P200

Maximum Number of ATM Withdrawals Per Day
Six (6)

Aeronautical Engineer Board Exam Result November 2014

patts college of aeronautics

Aeronautical Engineer Board Exam Result
November 2014

The result of the November Aeronautical Engineers Board Examination
has been released.

      Read: Aeronautical Engineer November 2015 Exam Result

Click here to view the lists of complete passers.

Out of 282 examinees, 132 passed.

Nine (9) Aeronautical School participated in the examination.

Two (2) Aeronautical School has a Zero (0) passing percentage.

PATTS College of Aeronautics has the most number of examinees with

The No.1 School is Holy Angel University with a passing percentage
of 100%. Thirteen (13) examinees out of thirteen (13) passed.

Gerome Mendoza Nagbuya of PATTS College of Aeronautics is the
Aeronautical Board Exam 1st Placer.

The following are the complete list of those who made it to the
Top Ten:

1st Placer - Gerome Mendoza Nagbuya
                     PATTS College of Aeronautics

2nd Placer - Joey Edison Villamor Fernando
                     MATS College of Technology

3rd Placer - Juan Lorenzo Cruz Ortega
                     PATTS College of Aeronautics

4th Placer - Mary Nheza Pineda Acordon
                     Holy Angel University

5th Placer - Charles Priam Cruz Hari
                     PATTS College of Aeronautics

6th Placer - Justin Patrick Mungcal Bumanlag
                     Holy Angel University

7th Placer - Ed Ryan Nunag Guevarra
                     Holy Angel University

8th Placer - Joseph Christian Pamatmat Barrientos
                     Philippine State College of Aeronautics - Pasay

                     Ma Karra Isabelle Aquino Llamas
                     Holy Angel University

9th Placer - John Kevin Marasigan Dizon
                     Philippine State College of Aeronautics - Pasay

10th Placer - Anjo Yabut Perlas
                      Holy Angel University

Police Patrol Reviewer

police patrol reviewer
Police Patrol

Police Patrol Reviewer

1842 - the London Metropolitan Police established the first detective

Bobbies - British police.

Boston Police - first public police force established in 1631.

Bow Street Patrols - a small body of police in London who had been
organized in the mid-18th century by the novelist and magistrate
Henry Fielding and his half brother, Sir John Fielding.

Compurgation - also called Wager Of Law,  in early English law, method
of settling issues of fact by appeal to a type of character witness.

Egypt - the first policing organization was created in about 3000 BC.

Emperor Augustus - organized one of the earliest form of organized
policing in Rome in 7 BC. He divided the city of Rome into 14 regiones
(wards), each consisting of vici (precincts) overseen by vicomagistri,
who were responsible for fire protection and other administrative and
religious duties.

New Scotland Yard - the headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police.

New York Police - The first police department in the United States,
it was established in 1844 and it was officially organized in 1845.

Patrol - keep watch over (an area) by regularly walking or travelling
around it.

Patrol Functions (Categories)
      1. Crime prevention - pro-active deterrence
      2. Law Enforcement - reactive deterrence
      3. Order Maintenance - security
      4. Social Services - community welfare

Patrol As A Function
      1. Constant Movement
      2. Prevent/deter crime
      3. Eliminate opportunity for crime

Patrol Activities and Purposes
      1. Crime Detection and Prevention
      2. Apprehension of Criminals & Wanted Suspects
      3. Data & Information Collection
      4. Report Writing & Documentation
      5. Public Assistance
      6. Peace Keeping and Order Maintenance
      7. Conflict Resolution
      8. Traffic Control and Enforcement
      9. Parking Enforcement
      10.Law Enforcement Reduce Citizens’ Fear of Crime
      11.Detect and Enforce Code and Safety Violations
      12.Rapid Responses to Emergencies
      13.Public Relations
      14.Police Visibility
      15.Property Protection

Patrol Method
      1. Foot Patrol
      2. Motorcycle Patrol
      3. Motorized Patrol
      4. Bike Patrol
      5. Horse Patrol
      6. Aircraft Patrol
      7. Watercraft Patrol

Patrol Officer -  is the backbone of the police department.

Patrol Supervision
      1. Hands on - supervisor involved in day to day activities.
      2. Command - supervisor shows up at incident sites and gives
      3. Counsel - supervisor available and when requested shows
         up at incident sites.

Patrol Techniques
      1. Routine Patrol
      2. Directed Patrol
      3. D-Runs
      4. Saturation Patrol
      5. Split Force
      6. Suspect-Oriented Patrol

Police Traffic Enforcement Activities
      1. Issue Traffic Citations
      2. Issue Parking Citations
      3. Investigate Traffic Accidents
      4. Arrest Drunk Drivers
      5. Enforce Seat belt Laws
      6. Direct Traffic

Police Traffic Enforcement Purposes
      1. Insure Safety of Public
      2. Reduce Accidents and Injuries
      3. Collect Information
      4. Make Criminal Arrests
      5. Enforce Laws
      6. Facilitate Traffic Flow

Peel's 9 (Nine) Principle
      Principle 1. The basic mission for which the police exist is
      to prevent crime and disorder.
      Principle 2 - The ability of the police to perform their duties
      is dependent upon public approval of police actions.
      Principle 3 - Police must secure the willing co-operation of
      the public in voluntary observance of the law to be able to secure
      and maintain the respect of the public.
      Principle 4 - The degree of co-operation of the public that can
      be secured diminishes proportionately to the necessity of the use
      of physical force.
      Principle 5 - Police seek and preserve public favour not by
      catering to the public opinion but by constantly demonstrating
      absolute impartial service to the law.
      Principle 6 - Police use physical force to the extent necessary
      to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when
      the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be
      Principle 7 - Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship
      with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that
      the police are the public and the public are the police; the
      police being only members of the public who are paid to give
      full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen
      in the interests of community welfare and existence.”
      Principle 8 - Police should always direct their action strictly
      towards their functions and never appear to usurp the powers of
      the judiciary.
      Principle 9 - The test of police efficiency is the absence of
      crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action
      in dealing with it.

Peeler - a police officer, especially in the United Kingdom and
Australia. Derived from the name of Sir Robert Peel who developed the
Metropolitan Police Act in 1928 which proved to be the foundation for
the modern police force in Britain.

Police Functional Units
      1. Bureau - the largest organic functional unit within a large
         department. It comprises of numbers of divisions.
      2. Division - a primary subdivision of a bureau.
      3. Section -functional unit within a division that is necessary
         for specialization.
      4. Unit -functional group within a section; or the smallest
         functional group within an organization.

Police Operations 
1. Patrol - 50 % Of Force - 80 % Of Budget
2. Criminal Investigation (Detectives) - Solve 20 % Of Cases Solved
   In Depth  case screening
3. Traffic
4. Support/Special Services

Police Territorial Units
      1. Post - a fixed point or location to which an officer is
         assigned for duty, such as a designated desk or office or
         an intersection or cross walk from traffic duty.It is a spot
         location for general guard duty.
      2. Route -a length of streets designated for patrol purposes.
         It is also called Line Beat.
      3. Beat - an area assigned for patrol purposes, whether foot
         or motorized.
      4. Sector - an area containing two or more beats, routes, or post.
      5. District-a geographical subdivision of a city for patrol
         purposes, usually with its own station.
      6. Area- a section or territorial division of a large city each
         comprised of designated districts.

Polis - greek word which means city.

Purposes of Criminal Investigation
1. Determine whether or not a crime has been committed.
2. Decide if the crime was committed within the investigator’s
3. Discover all facts pertaining to the complaint.
4. Gather and preserve physical evidence.
5. Identify the perpetrator.
6. Develop and follow up all clues.
7. Locate and apprehend the perpetrator.
8. Aid in the prosecution of the offender by providing evidence of
   guilt that is admissible in court.
9. Testify effectively as a witness in court.
10.Recover stolen property.

Robert Peel - established the Metropolitan Police Force for London based
at Scotland Yard in 1929. Father of modern policing system.

Specialized Units and Operations
1. Special Weapons & Tactics
2. Vice & Drugs
3. K-9
4. Organized Crime
5. Community Services
6. Crime analysis
7. Domestic Violence
8. Sex Crimes
9. Internal Affairs
10.Crime Prevention
11.Juvenile & School Service

Special Crime Investigation Reviewer

special crime investigation reviewer
Special Crime

Special Crime Investigation Reviewer
Definition of Terms

Definition of Terms

Admission - Any statement of fact made by a party which is against
his interest or unfavorable to the conclusion for which he contends
or inconsistent with the facts alleged by him.

AFIS - Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a biometric
identification (ID) methodology that uses digital imaging technology
to obtain, store, and analyze fingerprint data.

Amateur Intermittent Offender - These types of robbers view themselves
as lifetime robbers and commits infrequent robbery offenses, often

Armed Robbery - This involves the use of weapons such as firearm, a
knife or other dangerous weapons.

Animus Lucrandi - means intent to gain, in Robbery.

      Bienes Muebles - in Robbery, means personal property belonging
      to another.

Arrest - The legal taking of a person into a custody in order that
he may be bound to answer for the commission of an offense.    

Arrest Warrant - An order in writing issued in the name of the
Philippines commanding or directing a peace officer to arrest the
person described therein and brings it before the court.

      The warrant of arrest is to be served within a statutory
      period of 10 days.

      The warrant  of arrest validity continues unless:
      1. Recalled by the issuing court
      2. The respondent has been arrested
      3. Respondent voluntary submitted himself

Arson - An act of willfully and maliciously damaging or destroying a
building or other property by fire or explosion.

Autopsy - known as a post-mortem examination, necropsy, autopsia
cadaverum, or obduction, is a highly specialized surgical procedure
that consists of a thorough examination of a corpse to determine the
cause and manner of death and to evaluate any disease or injury that
may be present.

Accused - A person who’s case was forwarded to the office of the
prosecutor and filed in court.

Baseline - a method of locating object, particularly useful in in
large, irregularly shaped outdoor areas.

Confession - An express acknowledgment by the accused in a criminal
prosecution of the truth of his guilt as to the offense charged,
while admission refers to statements of fact not directly constituting
an acknowledgment of guilt.

Corpus Delicti - Latin for the “body of the crime”.

Crime - A generic term referring to many types of misconduct
forbidden by law.

Crime Scene - A venue or place where the alleged crime/incident/event
has been committed.

Criminal - A person who is convicted by final judgment.

Criminalist - The officer responsible for recording a crime scene and
recognizing and preserving physical evidence.

Criminal Investigation - The collection of facts in order to accomplish
the three-fold aims – to identify the guilty party, to locate the guilty
party and to provide evidence of his (suspect) guilt.

Criminal Investigator - A well-trained, disciplined and experienced
professional in the field of criminal investigation.

Criminal Law - One that defines crimes treats of their nature and
provides for their punishment.

Crime Scene - The geographical area where the crime was committed.

Crime Scene Sketch -  A simple diagram that creates a mental pictures
of the scene to those who are not present.

      Rough Sketch -  The first pencil-drawn outline of the scene
      and the location of objects and evidence within this outline.

DNA Profiling - (also called DNA testing, DNA typing, or genetic
fingerprinting) is a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist
in the identification of individuals by their respective DNA profiles.

DNA Fingerprinting - is a test to identify and evaluate the genetic
information, called DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), of a person's cells.

Early Techniques of Crime Investigation
      Archimedes (287–212 BC) invented a method for determining the
      volume of an object with an irregular shape.

      Book of Xi Yuan Lu - The first written account of using medicine
      and entomology to solve criminal cases.

      Carl Wilhelm Scheele - he devised in 1773 a method for detecting
      arsenous oxide, simple arsenic, in corpses.

      Henry Goddard - at Scotland Yard pioneered the use of bullet
      comparison in 1835.

      Alphonse Bertillon - was the first to apply the anthropological
      technique of anthropometry to law enforcement, thereby creating
      an identification system based on physical measurements.

      Sir William Herschel - was one of the first to advocate the use
      of fingerprinting in the identification of criminal suspects.

English Constable - early recorded professional criminal investigator.

Evidence -  The means by which facts are proved.

Forcible Rape - Sexual intercourse carried out against a person’s will
by the use of physical violence.

Four Basic Techniques That Can Be Used To Measure A Crime Scene
1. Rectangular/Coordinate System
2. Baseline/Station Line
3. Triangulation/Trilateration
4. Azimuth/Polar Coordinates

         Azimuth - uses polar coordinates. This method requires two
         people; one to hold each end of a tape measure. This type of
         measuring convention is best suited for large open areas where
         there might not be any fixed reference points. A known starting
         point must be established in your scene which might require
         pounding in a stake. That point is located by using a handheld
         GPS (global positioning system). A large protractor or some
         other type of board marked with a circle and degree increments
         is used. The zero location on the board is oriented toward
         magnetic north.

         Triangulation - is a method that can be used when the scene
         is irregularly shaped. Two control points are used for this

Highgrading – selling

Information - The general term referring to the knowledge acquired
by criminal investigator from various sources. Data gathered by an
investigator from other persons including the victim himself and
other sources.

Instrumentation - The application of instrument and method of physical
science in the detection and investigation of crime.

Interview - The simple friendly questioning of people who have the
information officially needed by investigators.

Interrogation - The vigorous or aggressive questioning of person
suspected of having committed an offense or a person who is reluctant
or willing to make a full disclosure of information in his possessions,
which is pertinent to the investigation of a criminal case.

Investigation - The collection of basic facts establishing that a crime
has been committed and that some other person is responsible thereof.

Kastle–Meyer Test - is a presumptive blood test, first described in
1903, in which the chemical indicator phenolphthalein is used to detect
the possible presence of hemoglobin.

Miranda Doctrine - The principle on the rights of a suspect against
forced self-incrimination during police interrogation.

Modus Operandi - Methods of Operation, Modes of Operation, Manner of
committing the crime.

Murder-Suicide - An act in which an individual kills one or more other
persons immediately before or at the same time as him or herself.

Phenomena - A circumstance, event or occurrence as it actually
exists or existed.

Photography -  The most reliable means of preserving the crime scene
or evidence.

Political terrorists - The use of force or the fear of force to achieve
a political end.

Power-Reassurance Rapist - The rapist who psychologically doubt his
masculinity and seeks to dispel this doubt by exercising power and
control over women.

Professional Robber - This characterized as having a long-term
commitment to crime as a source of livelihood, planning and organizing
crimes before committing them and pursuing money to support a particular

RA 7438 - An act defining certain rights of person under custodial

RA 8353 - The Anti-Rape Law of 1997.

RA 9514 - The Fire Code of the Philippines.

Rectangular - a method of obtaining measurement to locate an object
by making a measurement at right angles from each of two walls. Works
well for indoor measurements.

Special Crime Investigation - The investigation of cases that are
unique and often require special training to fully understand their
broad significance.

Spectrometry - modern detection method of alcohol and drugs.

Suspect - A person arrested for a crime.

Terrorism - The unlawful use of threat of violence against person or
property to further political or social objectives.

Three Fold Aim of Criminal Investigation
1. Identify the Perpetrator
2. Locate the Perpetrator
3. Provide Evidence

Triangulation - method of locating object where measurements are taken
from two fixed points at the scene to the object you desire to locate.

Mineski Infinity Cyber Cafe Franchise

mineski infinity cyber cafe franchise
Mineski Infinity

Mineski Infinity Cyber Cafe Franchise

Mineski Infinity is a Cyber Cafe. It started in 2008.

1. Gaming
2. Internet

        Related: Icafebusiness Computer Franchise

What Makes Mineski Infinity different from other Internet Cafe?
1. Good Spacing
2. Well Designed Interiors
3. Well Secured Area
4. Latest Computer Hardware
5. Pro-Gaming Events
6. Attracts a Lot of People
7. Hardware and Industry Partner
8. Website and Social Media

Franchise Fee
5 (Five) million

Royalty Fee

Other Fees
1. System Wide Marketing - (three) 3%
2. Local Marketing - (one) 1%

Term of the Franchise
5 (five) years, renewable

Space Requirement
at least 140 square meter

Minimum Number of Computers
80 (eighty) computer units

Location Requirement
1. Densely Populated area
2. Around Colleges and Universities

Return of Investment (ROI)
18 (eighteen) to 24 (twenty four) months

Number of Branches Nationwide
16 (sixteen) and growing

Hours of Operation
24 (twenty four) hours

1. Mineski Infinity has CCTV
2. Mineski infinity has a guard on duty
3. Has Class A Chairs and Tables
4. Average of 1.6 meters distance of customer per computer
5. Well designed interiors
         a. Cove lighting
         b. Skinning of hardware sponsors
         c. Blue, orange and warm colors for comfortable playing
6. Some of Mineski Infinity's hardware partners:
         a. Nvidia
         b. Gigabyte
         c. Razer
         d. Benq

How to Contact Mineski Infinity for Franchise Inquiries:
1. By Making a Call

2. By Sending an E-Mail
   [email protected]
   [email protected]

Customs Broker Board Exam Result

Customs Broker Licensure Examination Result 2018

For the List of Successful Examinees, Click here

Customs Broker Board Exam Result November 2014

      Related: November 2015 Customs Board Exam Result

The result of the November 2014 Customs Broker Board Exam has been

Click here for the complete lists of those who passed.

1,480 took the Customs Broker Licensure Examination but only 644 passed.

66 Custom Broker School participated in the examination.

Jenny Rose Lajato Aguba of Lyceum of the Philippines University in
Batangas is the Board Exam Topnotcher.

The Following Customs Broker School Performed Well in the Examination
1. DMMA College of Southern Philippines
         Total Number of Examinees - 23
         Number of those who passed - 21
         Passing Percentage - 91.30%

2. Gordon College
         Total Number of Examinees - 31
         Number of those who passed - 27
         Passing Percentage - 87.10%

               James Albert Rivera Bernas - 10th Placer
               Jeanilyn Ladrido Ponseca - 10th Placer

3. Batangas State University - Batangas City
         Total Number of Examinees - 44
         Number of those who passed - 37
         Passing Percentage - 84.09%

               Gel Verano Bughaw - 6th Placer
               Lhealeen Maranan Malaso -9th Placer

BPI Advance Savings Account With Passbook

bpi advance savings account

BPI Advance Savings Account 
With Passbook

BPI Advance Savings Account
Is an account that allows you to enjoy the interest of your deposit
ahead of time.

Fast Return On Savings Deposit
No need to wait, enjoy the benefits of your deposit sooner than
expected. Plus, get higher interest rates than a regular savings

Add Anytime and Earn in Advance
Reap from your account in advance every time you make a deposit.

Very Convenient
Keep tabs on your savings with a passbook or view your balances via

Required Initial Deposit

Required Minimum Monthly Balance

Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest

Interest Per Year
.750% for deposit of P100,000 to P999,999
1.5%  for deposit of 1 Million and Above

Note: For deposit of below P100,000 please inquire pesonally at any
          BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island) branch near you.

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   Which is Better? BPI or BDO

Midwife Board Exam Result November 2014

midwife philippines

Update: April 2019 Midwife Licensure Examination Result

Midwife Board Exam Result November 2014

The result of the November 2014 Midwife Board Exam has been released.

Click here for the complete lists of those who passed.

      Read: November 2015 Midwife Board Exam Result

1,401 examinees passed out of 2,768.

The November 2014 Midwife Board Examination Topnotcher is Hannah Grace Da-Ang Pugong of the University of the Philippines School of Health and Science in Leyte.

      Read: April 2015 Midwife Licensure Exam Topnotchers

286 Midwifery Schools participated in the examination .

The following are the lists of those who Top the examination.

1st Placer - Hannah Grace Da-Ang Pugong
2nd Placer - Francis Mae Manonggit Palangdosan
3rd Placer - Daryne Hoggang Bolla
4th Placer - Ma Luz Vitalicio Obin
                     Catanduanes State University - Virac

                     Lisette Grace Balgos Umadhay
                     West Visayas State University

5th Placer - Mary Ann Padero Tabor
                     Panpacific University North Philippines
6th Placer - Hosea Dulnuan Illab
7th Placer - Raiza Stazy Gabotero Lajom
                     CDH Allied Medical Colleges
8th Placer - Fatima Grace De Villa Manza
                     Southern Luzon State University - Lucban

                    Jobbelle Nelmida Tablac
                    Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University - Agoo

9th Placer - Rica Alariao Balacano
                     Medical College of Northern Philippines

10th Placer - Zillah Rio Tobongbanua
                       Saint Paul Universtiy - Dumaguete

Cynet Zone Gaming Franchise

cynet zone franchise
Cynet Zone Franchise

Cynet Zone Gaming Franchise

Cynet Zone Gaming is an Xbox and Playstation gaming franchisor.

Franchise Fee
P3.6 million for 32 gaming consoles
P3.9 million for 36 gaming consoles

      Related: I.T. Log Park Internet Franchise

Location Requirement
1. Mall
2. Cyber Zone and IT oriented areas
3. High foot traffic commercial location

Shop Size
50 to 70 square meters

What is included in the franchise fee?
1.  Use of Cynetzone Gaming trademark, name and logo
2.  Franchise Operation Manual
3.  Comprehensive and continuing training
4.  Start-up and pre-opening business guidance
5.  Architectural design and construction
6.  Marketing, Promotions and Advertising Support
7.  Refreshers on New Product and Services
8.  Ongoing Guidance on All Aspect of the Business
9.  Playstation 3 consoles
10. Xbox 360 consoles
11. Xbox 360 consoles with kinect sensor (depends on the package)
12. PS3 move and motion controller (depends on the package)
13. 23 inch samsung LCD full HD TVs
14. 37 inch LG LCD full HD TVs
15. 40 inch samsung 3D LED TV
16. Logitech 5.1 Home Theater Sorround Sound System
17. Logitech Mini Speakers
18. Custom made stainless steel tables and sofas
19. Extra gadgets: Logitech G27 steering wheel and guitars
20. 100+ most popular PS3 and Xbox 360 games
21. Full branch construction with heavy duty raised flooring
22. Graphical wall fence
23. Acrylic glass with sticker logo
24. Counter with signage
25. CCTV cameras
26. Custom made billing tracking software
27. 1 set of PC for server and printer

How to Contact Cynet Zone Gaming
1. By making a call
2. By sending an e-mail
   [email protected]

Nitro Motorcycle Parts Franchise Business

nitro motorcycle franchise
Nitro Motorcycle Parts

Nitro Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Nitro Motorcycle Parts Business Franchise is a low priced retailer
of motorcycle parts & accessories.

Franchise Fee

Franchise Term
5 (five) years

        Related: Cynet Zone Gaming Franchise

What is Included in the Franchise Fee?
1. Training of franchisee/staff/mechanic
2. Use of business name
3. Continuing support (Marketing, Operations, Finance)
4. Assistance in construction
5. Copy of the Nitro operations Manual
6. Pre-opening to grand opening assistance
7. Tarpaulins and other advertising materials
8. Site selection assistance

Store Size Requirements
15 to 30 square meters

The franchisee fee does not include the initial content of the store
or the initial inventory.

Based on the experience of Nitro Motorcycle Parts, recovery of
investment is  approximately 1 year to 2 years.

Nitro Motorcycle Parts as a Franchisor offers credit term to its
franchisees with respect to the inventory of items for sale.

Ways of Contacting Nitro Motorcycle Parts
1. By Making a call
   (+63)  917-620-2701
2. By Sending an E-mail
   Email : [email protected]
3. By Personal Visit
   Salazar St. Brgy Poblacion Candelaria, Quezon

Scope Evidence

evidence scope


The rules of evidence shall be the same in all courts and in all
trials and hearings, except as otherwise provided by law or these

Classification of Evidence According to Form
1. Objective or Real Evidence
   directly addressed to the senses of the court and consist of
   tangible things exhibited or demonstrated in open court, in an
   ocular inspection, or at place designated by the court for its
   view or observation of an exhibition, experiment or demonstration.
   This is referred to as autoptic preference.
2. Documentary Evidence
   evidence supplied by written instruments or derived from
   conventional symbols, such as letters, by which ideas are
   represented on material substances.
3. Testimonial Evidence
   is that which is submitted to the court through the testimony or
   deposition of a witness.

Relevant Evidence 
evidence having any value in reason as tending to prove any matter
provable in an action. The test is the logical relation of the
evidentiary fact to the fact in issue, whether the former tends to
establish the probability or improbability of the latter.

Material Evidence
evidence directed to prove a fact in issue as determined by the rules
of substantive law and pleadings. The test is whether the fact it
intends to prove is an issue or not. AS to whether a fact is in issue
or not is in turn determined by the substantive law, the pleadings,
the pre-trial order and by the admissions or confessions on file.
Consequently, evidence may be relevant but may be immaterial in the

Competent Evidence
one that is not excluded by this Rules, a stature or the Constitution.

Direct Evidence
that which proves the fact in dispute without the aid of any
inference or presumption.

Circumstantial Evidence
is the proof of a fact or facts from which taken either singly or
collectively, the existence or a particular fact in dispute may be
inferred as a necessary or probable consequence.

Cumulative Evidence
evidence of the same kind and to the same state of facts.

Corroborative Evidence
is additional evidence of a difference character to the same point.

Prima Facie Evidence
that which is standing alone, unexplained or uncontradicted, is
sufficient to maintain the proposition affirmed.

Conclusive Evidence
the class of evidence which the law does not allow to be contradicted.

Primary Evidence
that which the law regards as affording the greatest certainty of the
fact in question. Also referred to as the best evidence.

Secondary Evidence
that which is inferior to the primary evidence and is permitted by
law only when the best evidence is not available. Known as the
substitutionary evidence.

Positive Evidence
when the witness affirms that a fact did or did not occur. Entitled
to a greater weight since the witness represents of his personal
knowledge the presence or absence of a fact.

Negative Evidence
when the witness did not see or know of the occurrence of a fact.
There is a total disclaimer of persona knowledge, hence without any
representation or disavowal that the fact in question could or could
not have existed or happened. It is admissible only if it tends to
contradict positive evidence of the other side or would tend to
exclude the existence of fact sworn to by the other side.

What do the rules of evidence determine?
All rights and liabilities are dependent upon and arise out of facts.

Every judicial proceeding whatever has for its purpose the ascertaining
of some right or liability. If the proceeding is Criminal, the object
is to ascertain the liability to punishment of the person accused.
If the proceeding is Civil, the object is to ascertain some right of
property or status, or the right of one party and the liability of
other to some form of relief.

Two branches of the law of procedure
1. The law of the pleadings which determines the questions in a
   dispute between the parties
2. The law of evidence, which determines how the party can convince
   the court of the existence of facts which according to the provisions
   of substantive law, would establish the existence of the right or
   liability which they allege to exist.

Why should the rule of evidence be uniform?
1. The relation between the evidentiary fact and a particular proposition
   is always the same, without regard to the kind of litigation in which
   that proposition becomes material to be proved.
2. If the rules of evidence prescribe the best course to arrive at the
   truth, that must be and are the same in all civilized countries.

Differences in the Rules of Evidence in Criminal and Civil Cases
1. Criminal Cases
   The accused attends by compulsion

   Civil Cases
   Parties attend by accord

2. Criminal Cases
   Presumption of innocence attends the accused throughout the trial
   until the same has been overcome by prima facie evidence of his

   Civil Cases
   There is no presumption as to either party.

3. Criminal Cases
   It is an implied admission of guilt.

   Civil Cases
   An offer to compromise does not as a general rule amount to an
   admission of liability.

4. Criminal Cases
   Guilt beyond reasonable doubt

   Civil Cases
   Must prove by preponderance of evidence: Reason is that there is
   no presumption and due to the fact that the proof will only result
   in a judgment of pecuniary damages or establish Civil Right.

Any evidence inadmissible according to the laws in force at the time
the action accrued, but admissible according to the laws in force at
the time of the trial, is receivable. There is no vested right of
property in rules of evidence.

      Reason: The rules of evidence are merely methods for
      ascertaining facts. It must be supposed that change of law
      merely makes it more likely that the fact will be truly
      ascertained, either by admitting evidence whose former
      suppression or by suppressing evidence helped to conceal the

There are rules of evidence established merely for the protection of
the parties. If according to the well-established doctrine, the
parties may waive such rules during the trial of a case, there is no
reason why they cannot make the waiver in a contract. However, if the
rule of evidence waived by the parties has been established by law on
grounds of public policy, the waiver is void.

Evidence Defined

Evidence Defined

Evidence Defined

Is the means, sanctioned by the rules of court, of ascertaining
in a judicial proceeding the truth respecting a matter of fact.

The mode and manner of proving competent facts in judicial
proceedings.(Bustos v. Lucero)

The result or effect of evidence. When the requisite quantum of evidence
of a particular fact has been duly admitted and given weight, the result
is called the proof of such fact.

Factum Probandum
The ultimate fact or the fact sought to be established.
Refers to proposition.

Factum Probans
Is the evidentiary fact or the fact by which the factum probandum is
to be established.
Materials which establish the proposition.

The law of evidence is fundamentally a procedural law.

In criminal cases, if the alteration of these rules may validly be
made applicable to cases pending at the time of such change, as the
parties to an action have no vested right in the rules of evidence.

In criminal cases, if the alteration of these rules of evidence
would for instance, permit the reception of a lesser quantum of
evidence than what the law required at the time of the commission of
the offense in order to convict, then the retroactive application of
such amendatory law would be unconstitutional for being ex post facto.

The rules of evidence are specifically applicable only in judicial

In quasi-judicial proceedings, the rules of evidence shall apply by
analogy, or in a suppletory character and whenever practicable and
convenient except where the governing law on that particular
proceeding specifically adopts the rules of evidence in the Rules
of Court.

In cases before the Court of Agrarian Relations, the Rules of Court
were not applicable even in a suppletory character, except in criminal
and expropriation cases, which procedure has been superseded by the
provisions of RA 6657.

Everything Online Internet Cafe Franchise

internet cafe franchise
Internet Franchise

Everything Online Internet Cafe Franchise Business

Everything Online Services
1. Internet Access
      a. Games
      b. Internet Chat and E-mail
      c. Internet Surfing/Browsing
2. International Calling
3. Pre-Paid Load and Electronic Pin Station (gaming cards and Phone Cards)
4. Online Game
5. E-Learning and E-Review

Franchise Fee
      None, Upfront.
      P700 a month for one computer unit.
      P2000 a month maximum for more than 1 computer unit.

            Related: Nitro Motorcycle Parts Franchise

Royalty fee

Space Required
With 1 to 3 square meters, you can already set-up a 1 to 2 computer.
In addition to these 1 to 2 computer, you can also sell e-load which
does not consume additional space.

Computer Maintenance
To be maintained by the franchisee if knowledgeable or employ a third
party computer serviceman accredited by Everything Online or otherwise.

What Is Included In The Computer Package?
1. Use of Everything Online Internet Cafe Plus trademark & logo.
2. PC Hardware (Redfox & AMD Certified) with system network configuration
3. Microsoft Certified Operation System
4. Computer Table & Chair
5. Marketing Materials, Everything Online Streamers & Signage
6. Preinstalled Software Applications for;
      a. Online Internet Cafe Billing System
      b. International Calling (Voice over I.P)
      c. Online Gaming
      d. E-learning (depends on the industry need)
7. Everything Online Load & Pin Retailing Platform
8. Smart Padala accreditation.
9. Training & Business development Support
10.Customer service & technical support

Franchise Package Options To Choose From
      1    PC Module P 35,000
      2    PC Module P 70,000
      5    PC Module P175,000
      10  PC Module P350,000

How To Get In Touch With Everything Online If Interested?
1. Make a Call
      Manila Office:     (02) 534-9973 to 75
      Lipa City Office: (043) 756-2687
      Cell Phone:         0921 242-3025
                                    0922 836-0103
                                    0922 836-0105
      E-mail: [email protected]

2. Make a Visit
      Manila Office: 108 P. Cruz St., Brgy. San Jose,
                              Mandaluyong City, Manila 1550
      Lipa Office:    Ground Floor Cuenca Arcade Bldg.,
                             P. Torres St.near C.M. Recto Avenue,
                             Lipa City, Batangas, 4217


Which is Better BPI or BDO

bpi or bdo

Which is Better BPI or BDO?

Most individuals need to open an ATM or Passbook savings account
deposit simply because of any of the following reasons:
1. They want to save for a rainy day
2. They want the SSS or GSIS to automatically deposit their pension
    to their savings deposit account.
3. They are managing a business and simply wants a savings account
    to manage their day to day money needs.
4. They are beneficiary of an ofw and needs a savings deposit account
     to receive money remittance from abroad.

In my town, we have two (2) large commercial bank. BPI and BDO.
When I opened a savings account deposit, I ask my self this question.

Which is better, BPI or BDO?

I inquired through their respective website and confirmed personally
through their branch office in my town and here is what I found out.

BPI offers the following Deposit Products

  •    BPI Advance Savings Account

              Required Initial Deposit - P100,000
              Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P100,000
              Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P100,000
              Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    BPI Easy Saver

             Required Initial Deposit - P200
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - None
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P1,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%      

  •    Express Teller Savings 

             Required Initial Deposit - P500
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P3,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P5,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Save-Up Automatic Savings

             Required Initial Deposit - Not Available as of this writing
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P1,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P5,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Jumpstart Savings

             Required Initial Deposit - P100
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P1,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P2,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Maxi-Saver Savings

             Required Initial Deposit - P75,000
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P75,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P75,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250% 75,000 - 499,999

  •    Get Started Savings Account with Life Insurance (ATM)

             Required Initial Deposit - P25,000
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P25,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P25,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Passbook Savings

             Required Initial Deposit - P10,000
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P10,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P25,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Foreign Currency Savings (US Dollar Account)

             Required Initial Deposit - P500
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P500
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P500
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

BDO offers the following Deposit Products

  •    Passbook Savings

             Required Initial Deposit - P5,000
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P10,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P10,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%  

  •    ATM Savings

             Required Initial Deposit - P2,000
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P2,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P5,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Optimum Savings

             Required Initial Deposit - P50,000
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P50,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P50,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Junior Savers

             Required Initial Deposit - P100
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P100
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P2,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Power Teens Club

             Required Initial Deposit - P2,000
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P2,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P2,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Prime Savers

             Required Initial Deposit - P2,000
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P2,000
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P5,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

  •    Direct Deposit

             Required Initial Deposit - P0
             Required Minimum Monthly Balance - P0
             Required Daily Balance To Earn Interest - P5,000
             Interest Rate Per Annum - 0.250%

Which Is Better, BPI or BDO?

I say, BDO (Banco De Oro). I opened a Direct Deposit account with Zero
(0) required initial deposit, with Zero (0) Required Minimum Monthly
Balance with the same interest rate as most of the savings account
deposit offered by BPI which is .0250% per annum.

Netopia Internet Cafe

netopia internet cafe
Netopia Internet Cafe

Netopia Internet Cafe

Netopia is owned by Digital Paradise, Inc., a subsidiary of the
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.

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Netopia offers the following services
1. Computer Gaming (Network Gaming)
2. Internet Surfing
3. E-Loading
4. Digital Printing
5. Desktop Publishing Services
6. Digital Online Advertising

Netopia franchise fee is P300,000. But it may be less or more than
that amount, depending on the number of computer units operated.

Well learned individual in the Internet cafe business states that aside
from the franchise fee, prospective franchise applicant must have a
starting capital of 2 to 4 million pesos for investment in computers
and lease for the shop if applicant do not have one.

Royalty fee is at least 4% of the gross sale, royalty fee depends
on the number of computer unit operated.

Aside from the royalty fee, an advertising fee equivalent to 1% of
the gross sale is also required of the franchisee.

The life of the franchise is 3 years, renewable.

Netopia requires a 40-100 square meter area for your shop. It should be
located preferably in high traffic commercial/residential areas
accessible to both pedestrians and motorists.

For Those Interested to be a Franchisee, You May contact them in
the following number or visit them personally in the address below.

      Tel. No. : 465-1100 loc. 1020
      Fax. No. : 465-1100 loc. 5000
      Office Address : 6/F Suntree Tower, #27 Sapphire Road Cor. Julia
      Vargas Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City
      Email : [email protected]