cynet zone franchise
Cynet Zone Franchise

Cynet Zone Gaming Franchise

Cynet Zone Gaming is an Xbox and Playstation gaming franchisor.

Franchise Fee
P3.6 million for 32 gaming consoles
P3.9 million for 36 gaming consoles

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Location Requirement
1. Mall
2. Cyber Zone and IT oriented areas
3. High foot traffic commercial location

Shop Size
50 to 70 square meters

What is included in the franchise fee?
1.  Use of Cynetzone Gaming trademark, name and logo
2.  Franchise Operation Manual
3.  Comprehensive and continuing training
4.  Start-up and pre-opening business guidance
5.  Architectural design and construction
6.  Marketing, Promotions and Advertising Support
7.  Refreshers on New Product and Services
8.  Ongoing Guidance on All Aspect of the Business
9.  Playstation 3 consoles
10. Xbox 360 consoles
11. Xbox 360 consoles with kinect sensor (depends on the package)
12. PS3 move and motion controller (depends on the package)
13. 23 inch samsung LCD full HD TVs
14. 37 inch LG LCD full HD TVs
15. 40 inch samsung 3D LED TV
16. Logitech 5.1 Home Theater Sorround Sound System
17. Logitech Mini Speakers
18. Custom made stainless steel tables and sofas
19. Extra gadgets: Logitech G27 steering wheel and guitars
20. 100+ most popular PS3 and Xbox 360 games
21. Full branch construction with heavy duty raised flooring
22. Graphical wall fence
23. Acrylic glass with sticker logo
24. Counter with signage
25. CCTV cameras
26. Custom made billing tracking software
27. 1 set of PC for server and printer

How to Contact Cynet Zone Gaming
1. By making a call
2. By sending an e-mail