bpi savings account requirements

BPI ATM Requirements 2015

BPI Savings Account Opening Requirement
1. Submission of duly completed and executed account opening forms
      - the bank teller or bank personnel will give you this
      - fill the required information
2. Delivery of the initial deposit amount
      - For Express Teller Savings Account Deposit
      - Required initial deposit is P500
      - Required Minimum Monthly Balance is P3,000
      - Required Daily Balance to Earn Interest is P5,000
      - Interest Rate Per Year is 0.250%
3. Other supporting documents as may be prescribed by the Bank
      - 2 1X1 ID Picture but I advise you to bring passport size
        with you as its been 3 years ago when I opened an account.
      - Submit signature cards containing your specimen signatures
        or those of your authorized signatory(ies). To be provided
        by the bank.
4. Bring at least 2 ID Card. ID card such as drivers license or
   passport must not be expired.

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Access your cash easily with BPI's 2,100 Automated Teller Machines
(ATM) strategically located nationwide. With the BPI Express Teller
ATM facility available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you now have
instant access to your cash for your various needs.

What Can You Do With Your BPI ATM Card
The BPI Express Teller ATM is more than just for withdrawals. It also
provides you with unparalleled banking services to match your active
lifestyle, allowing you to do the following:
1. Inquire your Account Balance anytime, anywhere
2. Transfer funds to and from another enrolled Express Teller Account
3. Pay your bills to over 170 partner merchants, utilities and
4. Deposit cash or check to another Express teller account
5. Provide Special Services facility that includes:
      a. Globe, Touch Mobile Prepaid reloading
      b. Express Online and Express Mobile enrollments activation
      c. PIN change
6. Use ATM card as a debit card

All transactions of BPI Express Teller ATM cards done at any BPI or
BPI Family Savings Bank Express Teller ATM are Free of Charge.

Fees You Pay When Using Other Banks ATM Machine
1. Withdrawal - P15
2. Balance Inquiry - P1.50

Fees You Pay For Transactions Done Through International Cirrus Access
1. Withdrawal - 3.50 US Dollar
2. Balance Inquiry - 1 US Dollar
3. Denied Transaction - 0.50 US Dollar
         a. Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
         b. Insufficient Funds

Other Fees You May Need To Pay
1. Monthly Service Charge for Falling Below the Required ADB - P300
2. Monthly Dormancy Charge - P200
3. Over-the-Counter Funds Transfer via Debit/Credit Memo - P50 per
4. Fee for Closing within 1 Month from Date of Opening - P500
5. ATM Card Replacement - P100

Daily Withdrawal Limit
1. Regular Peso Accounts P20,000
2. Maxi One Accounts P50,000
3. Dollar Account US$500

Minimum Withdrawal Amount Per Transaction In Express Teller ATMs
1. BPI and BPI Direct Accounts P500
2. BPI Family Savings Bank Accounts P200

Maximum Number of ATM Withdrawals Per Day
Six (6)