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Mineski Infinity Cyber Cafe Franchise

mineski infinity cyber cafe franchise
Mineski Infinity

Mineski Infinity Cyber Cafe Franchise

Mineski Infinity is a Cyber Cafe. It started in 2008.

1. Gaming
2. Internet

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What Makes Mineski Infinity different from other Internet Cafe?
1. Good Spacing
2. Well Designed Interiors
3. Well Secured Area
4. Latest Computer Hardware
5. Pro-Gaming Events
6. Attracts a Lot of People
7. Hardware and Industry Partner
8. Website and Social Media

Franchise Fee
5 (Five) million

Royalty Fee

Other Fees
1. System Wide Marketing - (three) 3%
2. Local Marketing - (one) 1%

Term of the Franchise
5 (five) years, renewable

Space Requirement
at least 140 square meter

Minimum Number of Computers
80 (eighty) computer units

Location Requirement
1. Densely Populated area
2. Around Colleges and Universities

Return of Investment (ROI)
18 (eighteen) to 24 (twenty four) months

Number of Branches Nationwide
16 (sixteen) and growing

Hours of Operation
24 (twenty four) hours

1. Mineski Infinity has CCTV
2. Mineski infinity has a guard on duty
3. Has Class A Chairs and Tables
4. Average of 1.6 meters distance of customer per computer
5. Well designed interiors
         a. Cove lighting
         b. Skinning of hardware sponsors
         c. Blue, orange and warm colors for comfortable playing
6. Some of Mineski Infinity's hardware partners:
         a. Nvidia
         b. Gigabyte
         c. Razer
         d. Benq

How to Contact Mineski Infinity for Franchise Inquiries:
1. By Making a Call

2. By Sending an E-Mail
   [email protected]
   [email protected]

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  1. very expensive franchise there, i will rather set up my own internet shop.


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