bdo atm requirement

BDO ATM Requirements

BDO ATM is peso savings account offered by BDO in which you are
issued an ATM card to do banking transactions such as the following:
1. Withdraw funds from an ATM machine
2. Make a Deposit to an ATM machine
3. Make balance inquiry from an ATM machine

The Minimum Initial Deposit to open a Peso ATM savings account without
passbook is P2,000.

The Minimum monthly average daily balance requirement is also P2,000.
You must maintain this amount to prevent the bank from charging you,
P300 for maintaining below the minimum balance.

The minimum balance to earn interest from your deposit is P5,000.

The Interest rate per year that you will earn from your deposit is

Interest earned will be subjected to 20% withholding tax.
So the P125 interest you earn in one year from your P5,000 deposit will
be subjected to a deduction of 20% tax.

With 857 and counting BDO ATM machines nationwide, you are assured
of 24 hour access to your account.

BDO ATM requirements to open an ATM savings account
1. P2,000 for the initial deposit
2. 2 Valid ID cards - ex. SSS,GSIS,Drivers License,School ID,Passport.
   The ID Card that you present such as drivers license and school ID
   must be current and not expired.
3. At the BDO bank branch where you will open an account, you will be
   required to provide a specimen of your signature.
4. 2 ID picture will also be required (recent 6 months picture)
   I submitted 2 1X1 picture when I opened my account but it comes
   handy to have a passport size picture in you, in case this requirement
   will change in the future.

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