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BDO Accepted Valid ID

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BDO Accepted Valid ID

The following are the ID's accepted by BDO for account opening.
1.  Company ID, if company is SEC, IC or BSP supervised / registered
2.  Passport
3.  Driver’s License
4.  SSS ID (photo-bearing plastic card type with scanned signature),
5.  TIN Card (photo-bearing plastic card type)
6.  PhilHealth Card
8.  PRC ID
9.  Voter’s ID, and
10. All other Id's issued by the Philippine government and its
    a. Postal ID
    b. Voter’s ID
    c. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
    d. Seaman’s Book
    e. HDMF ID
    f. Firearms License
    g. IBP ID
    h. PNP/AFP ID
    i. DSWD ID (Senior Citizen ID)
    j. NBI Clearance
    k. Police Clearance
    l. Barangay Clearance/Certificate
    m. Marriage Certificate
11. If a student, current valid school ID
12. Major Credit Cards
13. Birth Certificate

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21 comments to ''BDO Accepted Valid ID"

  1. I went to BDO AYAAL CENTER CEBU they told me they won't accept PHILHEALTH ID. Due to no security features. That's unfair it clearly says above that it is acceptable. Hope it will be corrected.

    1. The Purpose of banks requiring depositors to exhibit ID is to ascertain the identity of the depositor. Unless your Philhealth ID is non Photo bearing or expired, Banks has no reason to decline. But it is a banking regulation that banks may require additional ID if in doubt. Your remedy perhaps is to bring back the required ID or Look for alternative banks that will accept your Philhealth ID.

  2. yung police clearance po ba at philhealth id ay valid ids pra mkawithdraw? bdo po bank.

  3. BDO i believe no longer accept old philhealth card without picture. Banks like bdo requires a photo bearing government issued id which is not expired and sometimes require a secondary id like police and nbi clearance with picture and unexpired. Even if you have the above id but already expired or using the old id without picture will not be accepted. Better to present SSS/GSIS ID ,Passport and Drivers license.

  4. pwd ba police clearance tsaka company id para mka kuha ng debit card ?

  5. Company ID where you are currently employed with picture is a valid ID under monetary board resolution No.553. Police Clearance is also valid for identification purposes if it is current and not expired. Police Clearance usually is valid for one year from date of issue. 2 Identification ID are sufficient identification for purposes of bank transactions.

  6. I was in BDO to claim money from abroad... they did not accept my police clearance that is still valid ( not yet expired ) and also my NBI clearance.. im a fresh Grad. and they already expect me to have sss or philhealth I.D already? yes i have a company I.D but they require 2 i.ds and i presented my NBI and Police clearance they both have pictures but they did not accepted it.

  7. thank you for this informative blog ^^

  8. thank you for this informative blog

  9. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas through the Monetary Board Regulates
    the operation of all Philippine Banks.

    Under Monetary Board Resolution No. 553 dated May 8, 2008 provides
    that at least one of the following photo-bearing ID issued by an
    official authority shall be acceptable as valid identification cards
    for all types of financial transactions by banks and non-banks financial
    institutions under BSP supervision.

    All Banks and Non-Banks financial institution must abide by this rules.

    But some banks requires more than 1 primary identification cards or
    1 primary id and 1 or more secondary id.

    Police Clearance and NBI clearance are classified as secondary id's.
    That is perhaps the reason why you were not allowed to received
    your remittance from abroad.

    In addition to to either Police or NBI clearance, It is better if
    you have at least 1 primary government issued photo bearing id
    such as SSS, Drivers license, GSIS ID, and passport.

    Company ID should have been considered as primary id if it is
    current and with photo.

    BDO should have adviced you to get a postal id and barangay
    clearance for instance as the only purpose of the ID is to
    ascertain your identity.

    What advice did BDO gave you to be able to collect your remittance?

  10. pwede po brgy clearance ,birth cert. at NBI clearance lng po ?

  11. The law says it should be valid for as long as it is current.

    Two of those should be good.

  12. pwede po ba kpg police clearance , barangay clearance lng ang ang dala ?

  13. Guys , pwede bang barangay clearance at police clearance lang ang valid IDS ?

    1. Barangay clearance and police clearance i believe will not suffice. the bank requires a current photo bearing id. it requires 2 of that. Barangay Clearance and Police Clearance are not photobearing so it may just be considered as secondary identification by the bank. That means you have to present at least one current photo bearing id in addition to your barangay and police clearance.

  14. My primary id is a student id and my secondary ids will be barangay clerance and birth certificate is that enough??

  15. My primary id is a student id and secondary will be barangay clearance and birth cert is that enough?? And is the sss e1 form acceptable??

  16. If you are a student, for as long as your id is current, it will be considered a primary Id, barangay clearance should suffice as secondary id. SSS e1 form may not be considered. Based on my experience, you may be required to present at least 2 primary id's when withdrawing large amount of cash. For purposes of account opening, it is best to present 2 primary id's with picture, if the bank account opening executive is doubtful of your identity, 2 ID's may be required.

  17. Postal Id, Tin id, and brgy. clearance are enough to open a savings account to BDO?

  18. if all are current, It should be enough, You now have a primary Id and Secondary ID.


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