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BDO Accepted Valid ID

The following are the ID's accepted by BDO for account opening.
1.  Company ID, if company is SEC, IC or BSP supervised / registered
2.  Passport
3.  Driver’s License
4.  SSS ID (photo-bearing plastic card type with scanned signature),
5.  TIN Card (photo-bearing plastic card type)
6.  PhilHealth Card
8.  PRC ID
9.  Voter’s ID, and
10. All other Id's issued by the Philippine government and its
    a. Postal ID
    b. Voter’s ID
    c. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
    d. Seaman’s Book
    e. HDMF ID
    f. Firearms License
    g. IBP ID
    h. PNP/AFP ID
    i. DSWD ID (Senior Citizen ID)
    j. NBI Clearance
    k. Police Clearance
    l. Barangay Clearance/Certificate
    m. Marriage Certificate
11. If a student, current valid school ID
12. Major Credit Cards
13. Birth Certificate

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