how do you get a national police clearance

How do you get a National Police Clearance?

Step 1: Online registration and appointment setting

Step 2: Payment

Step 3: Photo and fingerprint capture

Step 4: Release of clearance

Online Registration and Appointment Setting: visit to access the system.

Photo and Fingerprint Capture:

Applicant can proceed to the selected police station on his/her scheduled date. Present the following to the police station:

1. Two (2) valid issued ID

2. Reference Number

3. Official Receipt of Payment

Before the release of clearance, the applicant shall be required to have his/her biometrics, signature, and photo captured.

Release of Clearance:

For without "Hit":

After completion of steps 1 to 3, wait for your name to be called, for the release of your clearance.

For with "Hit":

Wait for the advice or instruction of the verification officer for the verification process.

Once settled, clearance will be released.

Source: 2nd Agusan del Norte Mobile Force Company (@2ndnorte)

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