how to open a bdo savings account

How To Open A BDO Savings Account

BDO Requirements To Open A Savings Account.

Before you open a savings account with any
bank, be reminded that majority of them gives
you just a .250% per year interest on your
money. Whatever you earn will be subjected
to a  withholding tax of 20%.

This is not to discourage you from opening a savings account.
If your primary purpose for example is just to receive money
from abroad sent through money gram for instance or direct
deposit to your account, then your choice to open a savings
account with BDO is a good choice.

BDO offers various savings account products to suit your needs.

There are two generally popular savings account deposit product
offered by BDO. The Peso Passbook Savings Account and The Peso
ATM account.

Before you go to the BDO branch near you to open an account, bring
with you P5000 if you intend to open a Passbook savings account and
P2000 if you intend to open an ATM savings account.

Just go to the bank's guard and ask where will you go to open a
savings account and he will point you to a teller in charge
of new account opening.

The Teller in charge will require you to present 2 valid ID.

When I opened my BDO savings account, the bank officer declined
to accept my drivers license because it already expired. Never
present an expired ID.

You need to bring with you 2 valid ID such as SSS, Drivers
license, Company ID where you work, Postal ID, and School
ID which are the most common ID's presented to the bank.

2 1X1 ID picture is required and the picture must be recent,
that means the picture was taken at most, 6 months according
to the bank staff who received and processed my savings account

That's about it and the bank employee will tell you when to get
your savings account passbook or ATM.

Be reminded that there are different savings account deposit
products offered by BDO. Some of them are the following.
1. BDO Direct Deposit
2. Peso Passbook Savings Account
3. Peso ATM Savings Account
4. Optimum Peso Savings Account
5. Junior Savers
6. Power Teens Club
7. Prime Savers

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