Tabuk Police Station

Tabuk Police Station

Prevent Business Robbery

1. Control your flow of cash. Install a drop safe for large bills, post limited cash signs, use secured services to make bank deposits, and never count money when the store is open.

2. Keep your back door and storerooms locked at all times, and install an alarm or video monitoring security system.

3. To deter criminals, keep your business clean and orderly and use bright lights at the entrance, in the store, and in parking lots.

4. Increase visibility in your business with lower shelves, mirrors to monitor all entrances, and limited external signs.

5. Use fences and landscaping to limit quick access to and from your business.

6. You are part of the community in which your business is located. Offer incentives to attract desired clientele especially when open in the late evening and early morning hours.

7. Train your employees on how to behave during a robbery and other such safety measures as greeting all customers and establishing eye contact.

Tabuk City Police Station Contact Details:

  • Facebook: PNPTabukCity
  • Twitter: PNPKalingaTabuk
  • Phone: 0908-900-0900