Crimes Covered by Grant of Amnesty

Bar Exam Question 2006

Under Presidential Proclamation No. 724, amending Presidential Proclamation No. 347, certain crimes are covered by grant of amnesty. Name at least 5 of these crimes.

Suggested Answer:

Crimes Covered under Presidential Proclamation No.724:
1.  Coup d'etat;
2.  Rebellion;
3.  Insurrection;
4.  Disloyalty of Public Officers or Employees;
5.  Inciting to Rebellion or Insurrection;
6.  Conspiracy to commit rebellion or Insurrection;
7.  Proposal to commit rebellion or Insurrection;
8.  Sedition;
9.  Conspiracy to commit Sedition;
10. Inciting to Sedition;
11. Illegal Association
12. Direct Assault;
13. Indirect Assault;
14. Resistance and Disobedience to a person in authority;
15. Tumults and Other Disturbances;
16. Unlawful use of means of publications and unlawful utterances;
17. Alarm and Scandal
18. Illegal possession of firearms.