The top performing schools in the August 2019 Mining Engineer Licensure Examination are the

With 30 or more examinees and with at least 80% passing percentage

No.1 UP-Diliman
         Total Number of Examinees: 35
         Total Number Passed: 35
         Percentage Passed: 100%

No.2 Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology
         Total Number of Examinees: 39
         Total Number Passed: 38
         Percentage Passed: 97.44%

No.3 Bicol University-Legazpi
         Total Number of Examinees: 37
         Total Number Passed: 31
         Percentage Passed: 83.78%

No.4 Saint Louis University
         Total Number of Examinees: 70
         Total Number Passed: 58
         Percentage Passed: 82.86%