The successful examinees who garnered the ten (10) highest places in the August 2019
Mining Engineer Licensure Examination are the following:

1st Place: Rachel Angela Penuliar Ferrer 91.20%

2nd Place: Gian Carlo Masagca Seblos 90.50%

3rd Place: Uly Dave Gracia Baylosis 90.20%
                 University of Southeastern Philippines-Davao City

4th Place: Norvein Linantud Calibo 90.25%
                 University of Southeastern Philippines-Davao City

5th Place: Francisco Carpio Raymundo 89.85%

6th Place: Alona Noguera 89.55%
                 Bicol University-Legazpi

7th Place: Sweet Chylka Maeh Dela Cruz 89.35%
                 Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology

8th Place: Novem Jake Ontolan Paden 89.05%
                 University of Southeastern Philippines-Davao City

9th Place: Menard Roche Magno 89%
                 Cebu Institute of Technology-University

10th Place: Shawn Kurt Languay Ebueza 88.90%
                   CARAGA State University-Butuan City