PRUlife your term is an affordable yearly renewable protection on your terms product
offered by one of the biggest insurance company in the Philippines PruLifeUK.

One year can change your life. So live life to the fullest with PRUlife your term.

Get affordable and yearly renewable life insurance. You can even choose to upgrade
your policy next year—your choice! 

Pru Life UK launched another innovative solution, PRUlifeyourterm, an affordable
yearly renewable term insurance which is customizable to fit the protection and
investment needs of customers.

Prulife Your Term has the following characteristics:

  • Affordable - As low as Php 8,000 per annum premium.
  • Renewable - Yearly renewable coverage until age 89 without need for proof of
    good health.
  • Upgradable

Dodge the financial blow of accident, disability and critical illness. Choose
among a wide array of supplemental benefits for a more comprehensive coverage.

Make your money work harder for you. Attach the Variable Life Rider for as low
as PhP 5,000 per year to add an investment component to your insurance.

Upgrade to a plan that fits your long-term financial goals. Starting on the
second year of your plan, you may switch to any of Pru Life UK’s INSURAVEST
(investment-linked life insurance), whole-life or endowment products without
submitting proof of good health. PRUlifeUK