health insurance with maternity coverage

Health Insurance With Maternity Coverage in the Philippines

I was looking for an insurance product with a maternity coverage in
the Philippines.

I search the Internet and checked all the insurance products offered
by the 30 licensed life insurance companies in the Philippines.

I only found one insurance company that sells this kind of a product.

Pioneer life Inc. is a Philippine life insurance company that sell
various kind of products that caters to your individual needs.

What I like about this product called "Pioneer Life Hospital Aide"
is that you can extend the insurance coverage to your spouse and
children and you will be paying just one premium.

Enumerated here under are the features of this product which I like
1. When you or member of your family get hospitalized, the company
   will pay you P1,500 per day of confinement.

   P3,000 per day if you or your family member is confined in an ICU
   or Intensive Care Unit.

2. In case you will be operated upon, the company will pay you P15,000
   for the surgeons fee.

3. The amount you are entitled to collect will not be reduced even if
   you are covered by Philhealth or any other private medical plan
   that you may have.

4. The payment will be given to you directly and you can easily
   compute how much money you collect from the insurance company by
   just counting the number of days you are hospitalized and multiply
   that by P1,500 in case this is the amount of your daily benefit.

5. Maternity benefit however is limited to just 7 days. So for example
   you stayed at the hospital for 10 days, the company will pay you
   only for the 7 days you stayed in the hospital.

   That amount you will collect in the example above is P1,500 X 7 days
   which is P10,500. This amount you can use for whatever purpose you
   may wish.

6. This insurance product also covers recurrent hospitalization. Isn't
   that great that in case you will get sick again or confined for the
   same cause, you are entitled to the benefits for a total of 365
   days of daily benefits for all confinements due to the same or
   related causes.

Note: Just opt to pay for a higher premium if you like to be covered
with a higher daily benefits.

How much is the monthly premium you might ask?
Premium depends on several factors like age and amount of benefits
that you want to be covered. You may inquire below regarding the
amount of monthly premium.

You may keep in touch with Pioneer life
1. By sending an email inquiry through their website
2. By phone inquiry
   Tel: +63 2 812 7777

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