nbi recruitment

NBI is a government agency under the Department of Justice whose main
job is to investigate crimes and other offenses against the laws of
the Philippines. NBI can do this on its own initiative or when
public interest requires its participation.

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Are you more than 30 years old and perhaps no longer qualified to
join the PNP, BJMP or BFP.

You may perhaps also no longer be qualified to join any branches of
the armed forces of the Philippines by reason of your age.

Do not lost hope if all you wanted for your life is to become a
law enforcer.

Government agencies like the NBI and PDEA accepts applicant whose
age do not exceed 35.

Generally, There are 2 Entry Level kind of operating personnel in the
NBI. NBI agent and NBI Special Investigator.

For those intending to join the NBI, Be aware of the ff:qualifications

For Those who like to join as Officers or Special Agent
1. Filipino Citizen
2. Good Moral Character - Not convicted of a crime involving moral
3. Physically and Mentally Healthy - Not suffering from any ailments
      or physically disabled.
4. No pending criminal, civil or administrative charges.
5. No conviction of any crime.
6. At least 5'5 inches in height for male, 5'3" for female.
7. Vision within normal range.
8. No tattoo mark or pierced ear.
9. Between 25 and 35 years old.

For Those who like to join as non-officers or Special Investigators

The qualifications are the same as Special agent except the ff:
1. General weight average of 84% in the transcript of records
      without any failing grade in any subject.
2. First Grade civil service eligible or a Board Exam passer in any

How will you know if NBI is in the process of recruitment.

Those successful of being accepted to the NBI goes to the NBI academy
in Baguio City to train.

NBI does not advertise as private companies do in newspapers or
other media when recruiting agents.

You may contact NBI in the ff: ways to inquire if Recruitment is open
1. By Making a Phone Inquiry
   +63 2 524-2596
2. By Sending an Email Inquiry
   [email protected]