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BPI Dollar Savings Account

BPI has a deposit product named Express Dollar Savings.

I came to know this when I tried to deposit a check in US Dollar I
received as payment.

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The BPI branch teller told me that what I have is a BPI Peso Savings
Account and a check in US Dollar or Singapore Dollar for instance
is not allowed.

The Bank Teller told me to open a Dollar Savings Deposit Account
where my dollar check will be deposited.

Your BPI Dollar Savings Account will allow you
1. To Earn Interest
2. To Enjoy international ATM convenience with the Express Teller
   International ATM card that comes with your Express Dollar Savings
3. To Receive remittances from key cities worldwide via telegraphic
4. To accepts a wide range of deposit items- whether cash, dollar
   checks, travelers' cheques or demand drafts, you can deposit them
   all in your account.

You may also enrol your BPI Dollar Savings Account for online banking.

If you intend to open an Express Dollar Savings Account or a Dollar
Savings Account with passbook, the required initial deposit is $500.

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The required monthly average daily average to earn interest is also

The interest rate per year is 0.250%.