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Brunei Police System

The Brunei Police force is called Polis Diraja Brunei or Royal Brunei
Police Force. It was established in 1921.

Royal Brunei Police Force is a member of the Interpol. It is a member
since September 4, 1984.

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It is also a proud member of Aseanapol. Aseanapol is the association
of the Chiefs of ASEAN Police. The first formal meeting of The Chiefs
of ASEAN Police was held in Manila in 1981. The 5 original members
are the following:
1. Indonesia
2. Malaysia
3. Philippines
4. Singapore
5. Thailand

Royal Brunei Police became a member of Aseanapol and joined the annual
conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1984.

The Sultan of Brunei serves as Prime Minister, Minister of Defense,
Minister of Finance and Chancellor of the national university.

The Sultan also serves as Superintendent General of the Royal Brunei
Police Force.

The Royal Brunei Police Force is organized into 7 Police Districts:
1. The Brunei
2. Belait
3. Muara/Marine
4. Tutong
5. Temburong
6. Jerudong
7. Berakas

These police districs are managed by four directors:
1. Director for Administration and Finance
2. Director for Operation
3. Director for Criminal Investigation and Intelligence
4. Director for Logistics.

The entire police operation is overseen by the following
1. Inspector General
2. Police Commissioner
3. Deputy Commissioner.

Brunei Police Number
1. Brunei Police District
   Central Police Station ​+673-2242334
   Berakas Police Station +673-2335333
   Sengkurong Police Station +673-2661334
   Kampong Ayer Police Station​ +673-2202114
   Muara Police Station +673-2772333
   Limau Manis Police Station +673-2683037
2. Tutong Police District
   Tutong Police Station +673-4221206
   Lamunin Police Station +673-4237374
3. Belait Police District
   Kuala Belait Police Station +673-3334324
   Sungai Liang Police Station +673-3230250
   Labi Police Station +673-3233233
   Seria Police Station​ +673-3222612
4. Temburong Police District
   Bangar Police Station +673-5221333

Brunei Police Salary
The entry salary of Police officers depends on the applicants
educational attainment. A Police Constable for example has a salary
of 580 Brunei Dollar plus allowances. A Cadet Inspector who
possesses ordinary degree has a salary of 2,110 to 2,180 Brunei

The minimum physical requirements for joining the Royal Brunei Police
Force is not less than 5'6" for male and not less than 5'4" for women.
For men, weight must not exceed 60 kilogram and for women, weight
must not exceed 55 kilogram.

Brunei Police Clearance/Permit
Common Activities that require a permit
a. Religious assembly
b. Festival procession
c. Religious procession
d. Public talks

   If one wishes to get a police certificate or police clearance,
   he/she should apply to the Commissioner of Police.

Brunei Police Headquarters
The Royal Brunei Police Force Headquarters is located in Jalan
Gadong BE1710 Brunei Darussalam

   You may keep in touch with the Brunei Police Headquaters by
   1. Making a Call
      Telephone: 673-2-423901
   2. Sending a Fax Message
   3. By Sending an E-Mail Inquiry/Message
   4. By Sending a Message thru its website contact page

Brunei Police Rank
The highest ranking Brunei police officer is the Inspector General
of Police.
The 2nd highest ranking police officer is the Commissioner of police.
the 3rd highest ranking police officer is the Deputy Commissioner
of police.

Brunei Police Rank From the Highest Ranking officer to the Lowest
      Inspector General of Police
      Deputy Inspector General of Police
      Deputy Commissioner
      Senior Assistant Commissioner
      Assistant Commissioner
      Senior Superintendent
      Deputy Superintendent
      Chief Inspector
      Senior Inspector
      Probationary Inspector
      Cadet Inspector
      Sergeant Major
      Staff Sergeant
      Lance Corporal

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Royal Brunei Police Force Timeline

The signing of the 1906 treaty between Brunei Darussalam and United
Kingdom laid down the foundation of new government with the formal
introduction of the British Resident. Among McArthur’s first acts
as British Resident was the introduction of the first officers to
police Brunei. The first group was made up of one Pathan and one
Sikh before a detachment of Sikhs was seconded from the Straits
Settlement government in Labuan. These seconded officers form Labuan
were eventually replaced by local Malays.

Sergeant Crummy was appointed as the first Chief Police Officer of
Brunei Darussalam.

The Brunei Police Force was founded under G McAfee who also continued
as Chief Police Officer for Labuan. Chief Inspector McAfee was
appointed as the Brunei CPO in 1917. These seconded officers from
Labuan were eventually replaced by local Malays.

The Brunei Police was officially formed on January 1, 1921 immediately
after the 1920 Police Enactment was passed. The local force took over
all responsibilities from the Police Force of the Straits Settlement.

In 1950 the Police headquarters was moved to Kuala Belait and the
CPO was answerable to the of CP of Sarawak.

With the introduction of Brunei's own Constitution, this required
the sultanate to have its own Commissioner of Police and no longer
having to report to the CP Sarawak.

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