How to be an SSS OFW member?

The SSS reaches out to all Filipinos abroad. For OFW's with existing SSS numbers, there is no need to register again. You may proceed to pay your SSS contribution using your existing SSS number and indicate your existing status as an OFW member.

How To Secure An SSS Number As An OFW?

OFW who has not been issued an SSS number and are applying for membership for the first time should follow this procedure:

1. Obtain from the SSS the OW-1 form or overseas worker record. You may also download the OW-1 from the SSS website.

2. When filling out the OW-1 form, follow the following:

a. When filling out the form, please use a black pen only.

b. Below the field personal data,

1) Write surname first, then your given name, and lastly, your maiden name.
2) Below it, write your complete address.
3) A space is also provided where you can write your address abroad.
4) Don't forget to write the postal code in the space provided
5) Write your date of birth numerically using the month, day, and year format and write beside it your monthly salary in Philippine pesos 6) Under membership applied for, check the box that points to the program you are applying for then check your civil status
7) Write your place of birth and religion
8) Indicate your phone number with its respective area code in the Philippines and abroad.
c. Below the field entitled Beneficiaries

1) Write the names of your father and mother and their date of birth. Write deceased if they are no longer living
2) If you are married with children, you are also required to write their names and date of birth
3) Check the column legitimate and/or incapacitated opposite the child's name if applicable
4) In the field other beneficiaries, you need to write the name or names of the person whom you will designate as your beneficiary if you have no spouse, child, or parent. Indicate their date of birth and your relationship with them.
5) Write "not applicable" to the field that does not apply to you.
6) Lastly, Affix your signature at the certified correct portion of your OW-1 form as well as your left and right thumb mark at the opposite side.

3. After accomplishing the OW-1 form, you may now submit it to the SSS office near you in 2 copies together with the original or certified true copy and photo copy of the following supporting documents:

a. Primary documents
      1) Birth certificate
      2) Baptismal certificate
      3) Passport
      4) PRC card
      5) Seaman's book

In the absence of the above primary documents, submit any two of the following documents

b. Secondary Documents
      1) Record of employment
      2) Employer ID
      3) Company ID
      4) Driver's license
      5) Postal ID
      6) NBI clearance
      7) Voter's ID
      8) School ID
      9) Credit card or ATM card with cardholder's name
      10)Bank account passbook
      11)OWWA card
      12)Fisherman's card issued by BFAR
      13)GSIS member's record
      14)Certification from National Archives
      15)Alien Certificate of Registration

4. Married person should also submit a marriage contract when applying for an OFW membership in the SSS

5. If the applicant has children, the original or certified true copy of birth or baptismal certificate of children and/or other pertinent documents should be submitted to the SSS for authentication purposes

6. For OFW's located in a country without an SSS branch, submit your form through the mail, e-mail, or send a fax to the foreign branch expansion and monitoring department, SSS main building, Diliman, Quezon City

You will be given a personal copy of this form wherein your lifetime SSS number is indicated

7. Your coverage will start upon the first payment of your contribution

Note: You may visit the SSS website for any information. You may also e-mail SSS at member_relations@sss.gov.ph

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