Who Can Claim SSS Death Benefit?

The following person can claim SSS Death Benefit in the order herein provided.
1. The Spouse of the deceased member
2. The Children of the deceased member
3. The Parents of the deceased member
4. Any person designated in the deceased member's record.

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So if the spouse of the deceased member is still alive, the children or the parents of the deceased member can not claim the SSS benefit.

The cash benefit may either be in monthly pension or lump sum paid to the beneficiaries of a deceased member.

Under the SSS Law, The following are the primary beneficiaries
1. Legitimate dependent spouse until the person remarries
2. Member's dependent legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted, and illegitimate children who are not yet 21 years old.

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In the absence of primary beneficiaries, the dependent parents shall be the secondary beneficiaries.

In their absence, any other person designated by the member as a beneficiary in the member's record.

To be able to claim SSS Death Benefit and to be entitled to the monthly pension, the deceased SSS member must have paid at least 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death.

Failure of the deceased to contribute at least 36 monthly contributions will entitle him/her to a lump sum payment, not the monthly pension.