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Union Bank Time Deposit 

 Union Bank Peso Time Deposit 
      1. Minimum required deposit is P50,000
      2. Minimum Placement Terms is One (1) month or thirty (30) days
      3. Interest - It depends on the amount of your deposit and
         placement term.

      Note: Union Bank website do not provide tables of interest rate
                for comparison by potential depositor with other banks.
                But its rate does not differ substantially from the
                interest rates of most Philippine banks.

      Note: Below is the link to banks that have a good interest rates.
                Philippine Banks that offer best time deposit interest rate.
Union Bank will give you a Time Deposit Certificate which you present
when you claim your money at maturity.

What is required to open a Union Bank time deposit account?
1. The required P50,000 minimum deposit. You can place bigger amount.
2. A valid ID - almost all government issued ID is accepted
   except the following:
         a. Expired ID
         b. ID without photograph

1. NBI clearance is accepted as proof of identification but must not
   be over 1 year from date of issue
2. Union Bank may require additional ID in certain cases so bringing
   at least 2 ID's with picture and unexpired is a good thing to do.
3. Union Bank website never mentioned ID picture as a requirement but
   all major banks in the Philippines requires at least 2 1X1 ID picture
   so bringing two will assure you of fast and delayless transaction.

You may call the bank for any inquiry in these number (02)841-8600
and (02)667-6388.

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