philippine navy strategic sealift vessel

Philippine Navy Modernization
Photo Credit: IHS Jane's 360

On this day, January 26, 2015, it was reported in IHS Jane's 360 that the work on the Philippine Navy's first strategic sealift vessel has started, with 2016 delivery planned. This 1st vessel is expected to be delivered by July of 2016.

The cutting of steel for the second strategic sealift vessel is expected by PT PAL of Indonesia to be in the middle of year 2015.

Two strategic sealift vessels were ordered by the Philippine navy to meet the PN's sea-based transport and logistics requirements.

These ships are large. It is 123 meters in length and it can transport up to 500 soldiers or one battalion of Philippine Marine soldiers and are able to embark 2 medium size helicopters. The Ship can accomodate 2 Agusta Westland 109 helicopter at the same time.

The ship was reported to have an endurance of 30 days at sea at speed of 16 knots.

This will be the 1st time that the Philippine navy will operate this type of vessel.

The Philippine Navy wishes to ultimately operate 4 strategic sealift vessels.

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