aircraft carrier

Philippine Navy Aircraft Carrier

The Philippine Navy do not have an aircraft carrier.

The Philippine Navy operates a number of frigates, corvettes and
offshore patrol vessels.

All of the Philippine Navy's frigates, corvettes and offshore patrol
vessels do not have a missile system. Although plans are underway
to install a missile system on all of its primary naval ships.

The Philippines currently have 2 frigates obtained from the US. Two
brand new frigates are being bidded out. The Philippine Navy plans
to have at least 6 frigates configured for anti-air warfare to be
able to effectively patrol its vast internal water and exclusive
economic zone.

The Philippine Armed Forces budget for its modernization covering
the period 2013 to 2018 is $2 billion. A Nimitz class aircraft carrier
cost about $4.5 billion to build. It is impossible for the Philippine
Navy to buy or construct an aircraft carrier as it does not have the
money or technology to build one. It can not afford even to buy a
single submarine.

With a limited budget but improving economy, in lieu of more expensive
surface vessels and submarine, Philippine Navy's plan to eventually
operate 6 frigates configured for air warfare, 12 corvettes configured
for anti-submarine warfare and 18 offshore patrol vessels with
armed helicopters embarked on each ship is a more practical and possible

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