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Naval Architect and Marine Engineer Board Exam Result September 2014

Naval Architect
Marine Engineer
Board Exam Result
September 2014

The result of the September Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
Licensure Examination has been released.

105 took the exam but only 57 passed.

Only Four (4) Schools participated in the exam, namely:
1. Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation - Baras
         Total Number of Examinees - 10
         Number of those who passed - 3
         Passing Percentage - 30%
2. NAMEI Polytechnic Institute
         Total Number of Examinees - 46
         Number of those who passed - 27
         Passing Percentage - 58.70%
3. University of Cebu
         Total Number of Examinees - 37
         Number of those who passed - 22
         Passing Percentage - 59.46%
4. University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Las Pinas
         Total Number of Examinees - 12
         Number of those who passed - 5
         Passing Percentage - 41.67%

The Following are the succesful examinees:


Police Photography Reviewer

Police Photography Reviewer
Definition of Terms

Forensic Photography Reviewer
Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham) - a great authority on optics in the Middle
Ages who lived around 1000 AD, invented the first pinhole camera,
(also called the Camera Obscura } and was able to explain why the
images were upside down.

Angelo Sala - a self educated chemist, he discovered that when paper
contained powdered silver nitrate it would react with sunlight, causing
it to darken. These pioneering experiments with silver salts were a
crucial step towards the later invention of photography. He published
his findings in a pamphlet in 1614.

Anna Atkins - (1799- 1871) an English Botanist, she is considered
to be the first female photographer.

Aristotle - he observed and noted the first casual reference to the
optic laws that made pinhole cameras possible, around 330 BC, he
questioned why the sun could make a circular image when it shined
through a square hole.

Arthur Fellig - (Weegee) became famous because of his frequent…

Personal Identification Reviewer

Personal identification Reviewer

Personal Identification 

Alphonse Bertillon - was a French criminologist and anthropologist who created the first system of physical measurements, photography, and record-keeping that police could use to identify recidivist criminals.

Ancient Babylon - fingerprints were used in clay tablets for business transactions. 1000 - 2000 BC

Anthropometry - the first system of personal identification.

Azizul Haque and Hem Chandra Bose(1897) - Two Indian fingerprint experts credited with primary development of the Henry System of fingerprint classification (named after their supervisor,
Edward Richard Henry).

Bertillon System - a system of identification which focuses on the meticulous measurement and recording of different parts and components of the human body.

Chiroscopy – It is the examination and thorough study of the palms of the human hand as a point identifying persons.

Core -
1. Approximate center of the pattern
2. It is placed upon or within the innermost suffi…

Master Plumber Board Exam Result

Master Plumber Board Exam Result
February 2015

The result of the February 2015 Master Plumber Licensure Examination
has been released.

432 took the exam but only 215 examinees passed.

Click here for the complete list of those who passed.

116 Schools participated in the examination.

42 Schools obtained a passing percentage of 0%.

21 Schools have 100% passing percentage, with the exception of UP
Diliman which have 4 examinees, all the rest fielded only 1 to 3

Only 3 Master Plumber School excelled in this exam namely:
1. Malayan College Laguna - 4 passed out of 5 - 80% passing
2. Mariano Marcos State University - 4 passed out of 5 - passing
    percentage of 80%
3. UP - Diliman - 4 passed out of 4 - 100% passing percentage

Registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card
(ID) and Certificate of Registration will be on February 23-24,

Police Intelligence Reviewer

Police Intelligence Reviewer

Accuracy of Information 
1 - Confirmed By Other Sources
2 - Probably True
3 - Possibly True
4 - Doubtfully True
5 - Improbable
6 - Truth Can Not Be Judged

Alexander The Great - A Greek Conqueror, was able to identify those
who are disloyal to him by ordering the opening of communication
letter of his men and was successful in uplifting the esprit de corps
and morale of his men.

ASIS - Australian Secret Intelligence Service - Primary responsibility
is gathering intelligence from mainly Asian and Pacific interest
using agents stationed in wide variety of areas. Its main purpose like
other most agencies is to protect the country's political and
economic interest and ensure the safety of its citizens against
national threats.

Bundesnachrichtendienst - BND, Federal Intelligence Service, is the
foreign intelligence agency of the German government, the BND act as
the early warning system to alert the German government against
threats to its interest coming from a…