Allowance For Conduct

Art. 96. Effect of commutation of sentence
The commutation of the original sentence for another of a different
length and nature shall have the legal effect of substituting the
latter in the place of the former.



Allowance for good conduct not applicable when prisoner released
under conditional pardon.

Good conduct time allowance is given in consideration of good
conduct of prisoner while he is serving sentence.

The convict may earn these while he is serving his sentence.
   Example: Article 158. A convict who escapes the place of
   confinement on the occasion of disorder resulting from a
   conflagration, earthquake or similar catastrophe, or during
   a mutiny in which he has not participated; but who returns
   within 48 hours after the proclamation that the calamity
   had passed shall be given credit of 1/5 deduction of the
   original sentence.

Note: Not an automatic right for it has to be granted by the
Director of Prisons (Art. 99). Also, he must be serving his
sentence. Thus, if released because of conditional pardon,
this provision is not applicable.


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