SSS Maternity Benefits Facts Which You May Not Be Aware Of

1. The Social Security System Pays only up to the first four deliveries. The Fifth child or delivery will no longer be paid by the SSS.

2. You can not claim SSS maternity benefit and SSS sickness benefit at the same time.

3. For those who are employed, it is the employer and not the SSS who will pay the SSS maternity benefits. The Employer in turn will reimburse from the SSS what it paid the employee.

4. The woman employee must notify her employer of the fact of her pregnancy. Those who no longer work or who are self-employed must notify the SSS directly.

5. Not only those who work are entitled to maternity benefit but also those who no longer work provided she paid 3months of contribution within the twelve-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth.

6. The Employer will be liable to pay SSS the benefits due to the employee plus damages in case he fails to pay the contribution or fail to notify the SSS.

7. The pregnant employee is entitled to a maternity leave of 60 days. This 60 days period may be extended at the request of the women employee. But the woman employee can not just request for an extension for the sake of just extending. The reason for a request to extend must be due to illness medically certified to arise out of her pregnancy or delivery.

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