Grave Felonies, Less Grave Felonies and Light Felonies


Importance of Classification
1. To determine whether the felonies can be complexed or not.
2. To determine the prescription of the crime and of the penalty.

Penalties (imprisonment):
1. Grave felonies – afflictive penalties: 6 yrs. and 1 day to reclusion perpetua (life)
2. Less grave felonies – correctional penalties: 1 month and 1 day to 6 years
3. Light felonies - arresto menor (1 day to 30 days)

As to the liability of the participants in a grave, less grave or light felony:
1. When the felony is grave, or less grave, all participants are criminally liable.
2. But where the felony is only light, only the principal and the accomplice are liable. The accessory is not.

Therefore, it is only when the light felony is against persons or property that criminal liability attaches to the principal or accomplice, even though the felony is only attempted or frustrated, but accessories are not liable for light felonies.