How To File An SSS Maternity Notification

Procedure for Employed member

Part 1
a. Obtain a SSS maternity notification form from the nearest SSS
   office where you live. This form may be downloaded for free
   from the SSS website.

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   You can download the SSS maternity notification form here.

b. Don't forget to print all the data required in the form such as
   your name, SSS number, residence and postal code. You must also
   print your date of birth, TIN number, land line or mobile number
   and email address if you have one. All this fields are found in
   the upper portion of the MAT-1 form

c. Fill up the data required in the middle portion of the form.
   The middle portion is the membership certification portion.

   Print whether it is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th pregnancy. The 5th
   delivery or miscarriage is no longer entitled to maternity benefit.
   Indicate the date of your expected delivery. There is also a field
   wherein you are required to affix your signature over your printed
   name. Print the date that you signed.

   For those who are unable to sign for any reason, affix your right
   thumb mark and right index mark in the boxes provided in the form.
   Let 2 witnesses sign in the space provided and write down the date.

Part II
a. This is the portion of the SSS maternity notification form to
   be filled up by the human resources or personnel manager of the
   company where you work.

b. The fields to be filled up in this portion of the notification
   form includes the employers SSS number, Employers name or registered
   business name, Company address, postal code and company land line
   phone number or mobile number. This portion also includes the
   fields for the employers name and signature or his/her authorized
   representative and his/her official designation in the company
   and the date of signing.

c. Check to be sure that your employer signed over his/her printed
   name or his/her authorized representative the employer certification
   portion of the SSS maternity notification form which certifies that
   your employer acknowledged the fact of your pregnancy and the
   expected date of delivery.

Part III
   This is the portion of the SSS maternity notification form, found
   in the lowest portion of the form and  for SSS use only.

Note: You must submit this form as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed
or at least 60 days from the date of conception. Don't forget to attach
the proof of pregnancy with the notification form.

      Your employer will be the one to notify the SSS of your pregnancy.
      (the fact that you submitted the SSS maternity notification form)

      Remember that failure to comply with the rule on notification
      may result in the denial of the maternity benefit claim.

      Since it will be your company representative who will file the
      maternity notification on your behalf, provide him/her with
      a xerox copy of your SSS ID. If your SSS ID is not available,
      you may provide 2 valid ID's duly certified by you and
      authenticated by an authorized company signatory.

      SSS maternity notification may now be submitted online, provided
      you and your employer are both registered with My.SSS

      Once approved, your SSS maternity benefit will be advanced to
      you by your employer within 30 days from the filing of maternity
      leave application.
Procedure for voluntary, unemployed or self-employed member

1. Accomplish only part 1 of the SSS maternity notification form.
   (the upper half portion of the SSS maternity notification form)
2. Proof of Pregnancy (the doctors certification that you are
   pregnant and the ultra sound result if you have.
3. Submit the SSS maternity notification form and proof of pregnancy.

Note: In case of Voluntary, Unemployed and Self-employed member,
the Social Security System will pay the maternity benefit directly
to you upon submission and approval of your maternity benefit
reimbursement application.

Do you have any further question or inquiry? You may keep in touch
with the Social Security System by
1. Visiting its website
2. Sending Email inquiry or question to member_relations@sss.gov.ph

When To File SSS Maternity Notification?

a. For Employees and Employers:
As soon as a member becomes pregnant, she must immediately notify her
employer of such pregnancy and the probable date of her childbirth
at least 60 days from the date of conception by accomplishing the SSS
Maternity Notification Form and by submitting proof of pregnancy.

The employer must, in turn, notify the SSS through the submission
of the maternity notification form and proof of pregnancy immediately
after the receipt of the notification from the employee member.

Notification may be made over the counter at an SSS branch, or online
through the SSS Website (www.sss.gov.ph), in which the member/employer
must be a registered user.

b. For Unemployed, Self-employed and Voluntary Members:
Unemployed, self-employed or voluntary paying members should notify
the SSS directly.

Effects of failure or delay in notification 
If the employee fails to notify the employer, or the SSS, in the case
of an unemployed, self-employed or voluntarily paying member, the
maternity benefit application may be denied.

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