sss paternity leave benefits

SSS Paternity Leave Benefits

The working father or husband may not be aware that  there is a law called the Paternity Leave Act of
1996, otherwise known as RA. 8187.

This law provides that a married male employee or worker is entitled to 7 days leave with pay when his wife gives birth or when his wife suffers a miscarriage.

The Purpose of this Paternity Leave law is to give an opportunity to the working male employee to give support to his wife and help in caring for the newly born child.

To be entitled to this 7 day leave with pay, the male employee must inform his employer of the fact that his wife is pregnant and tell his employer of the expected date of delivery.

This privilege is good only up to the first 4 delivery. The wife's 5th delivery will no longer entitle the male employee of Paternity leave.

The employer has no right to deny the male employee of his right to paternity leave because doing so will make the employer liable for fine or imprisonment.

So it is good news for us Male employees that when our wife delivers a baby or suffers a miscarriage, we can leave our work to take care of our wife and baby for a period of 7 days with pay.

This Paternity leave privilege granted by law can be availed of by employees in the private sector as well as employees in the public sector.

Please remember that your wife must be legitimate. Meaning, you are legally married. Your kabit or
mistress delivery or miscarriage will not entitle you to the benefit of the Paternity leave law.

Note: File the Paternity Leave with the Employer and not
with the SSS.

Note: Under the law, paternity leave is not paternity loan. The husband's absence from work is paid as if he is present. The money given by the employer is not a loan but payment for work done.

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