who is guillermo eleazar

Who is Guillermo Eleazar?

Guillermo Eleazar's full name is Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar. He has a rank of PLTGEN (Police Lieutenant General.

As of this date, October 22, 2020, He is the Deputy Chief for Administration of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Guillermo Eleazar held the following previous positions:

1. The Deputy Chief of the PNP for Operations

2. The Chief of the Directorial Staff

3. Regional Director of the NCRPO

4. Regional Director of the PRO4A

5. District Director of the QCPD

6. Director of the Anti-Cybercrime Group

He belong to the PMA class of 1987 and he graduated as "Cum Laude".

Among his awards and recognitions are:

1. Presidential Lingkod ng Bayan for best Public Service in NCR

2. Annual Awards for Continuing Excellence in Service (ACES)

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