What is spot check?

A person may be subjected to a spot check if the police find that his actions are suspicious and he may be thought to be involved in the crime; whether he had a suspicious weapon or a gun; whether he was right there and near the crime scene; when the police are aware of the person's involvement in criminal activities; or if he ran after calling his attention by the police for suspicious activity.

Common rules for performing spot checks that you should know:
1. The police officer should identify himself and if he does not wear a uniform, he must say his name along with his ID and badge.
2. You must be polite at all times and make your name and address known so that the police officer will not suspect you and the police officer should not ask you questions for a long time, that is not in accordance with the law.
3. Be polite when you do not answer police questions while you are at the spot check and
4. Failure to answer police questions should not cause you to be arrested in the first place.

Source: Commission on Human Rights

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