October 2019 Naval Architect Licensure Examination Top Performing Schools

The performance of schools in the October 2019 Naval Architect Licensure Examination are the following:

No.1 University of Cebu
         Total Number of Examinees: 64
         Total Number Passed: 50
         Total Number Failed: 14
         Passing Percentage: 78.13%

No.2 Asian Institute of Maritime Studies
         Total Number of Examinees: 17
         Total Number Passed: 9
         Total Number Failed: 8
         Passing Percentage: 52.94%

No.3 NAMEI Polytechnic Institute
         Total Number of Examinees: 45
         Total Number Passed: 22
         Total Number Failed: 23
         Passing Percentage: 48.89%

No.4 University of Perpetual Help System Dalta-Las Pinas
         Total Number of Examinees: 22
         Total Number Passed: 6
         Total Number Failed: 16
         Passing Percentage: 27.27%

No.5 Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation-Baras
         Total Number of Examinees: 8
         Total Number Passed: 2
         Total Number Failed: 6
         Passing Percentage: 78.13%