Complex Crime of Multiple Murder with Multiple Frustrated Murder Filed against the Jolo Cathedral Bombers.

Sulu Provincial Prosecutors Office, sasampahan na ng kasong Complex Crime of Multiple Murder with Multiple Frustrated Murder at Damage to Property sina Mukammar Pae at apat na iba pa kaugnay ng  pagsabog sa Jolo Cathedral matapos makitaan ng probable cause.(Maan Macapagal) @DZMMTeleRadyo

For purposes of the criminology licensure examination, bear in mind that there is no provision in the Revised Penal Code that defines Damage to Property and penalizes it as a felony. Malicious Mischief, punishable under Art.237 of the Revised Penal Code, is the nearest felony that a complainant may utilize for the purpose of filing a complaint involving intentional destruction of property.

Important Points To Remember Regarding The Felony of Murder

- One attendant qualifying circumstance is enough. If there is more than one alleged in the information for murder, only one will qualify the killing to murder and the other circumstances will be taken as generic.

- Any of the qualifying circumstances enumerated in Art.248 must be alleged in the information.

- When the other circumstances are absorbed or included in one qualifying circumstance, they cannot be considered as generic aggravating.

- When the victim is already dead, intent to kill becomes irrelevant. It is important only if the victim did not die to determine if the felony is physical injury or attempted or frustrated homicide.

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