Former Bayan Muna representative Ka Satur Ocampo, ACT Teachers Rep.France Castro, and 16 others were arrested in Davao del Norte. They were released after posting bail.

They were arrested by law enforcement officers for kidnapping and human trafficking cases.
Dating Bayan Muna representative Ka Satur Ocampo, ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro, at 16 iba pa na naaresto sa Davao del Norte, pansamantalang nakalaya matapos magpiyansa.@dzmmteleradyo
Sila ay nagpiyansa sa kasong kidnapping at human trafficking. @dzrhnews

 2002 Bar Exam

A and B were legally separated. Their child C, a minor, was placed in the custody of A, the mother, subject to monthly visitations by B, his father. On one occasion, when B had C in his company, B decided not to return C to his mother. Instead, B took C with him to the United States where he intended for them to reside permanently.

What crime, if any, did B commit? Why?

Suggested Answer: by UP Law Center

B committed the crime of Kidnapping and Failure to return a minor under Art.271, in relation to Art.270, of the Revised Penal Code, as amended.

Article 271 expressly penalizes any parent who shall take from and deliberately fail to restore his or her minor child to the parent or guardian to whom custody of the minor has been placed.

Since the custody of C, the minor, has been given to the mother, and B has only the right of monthly visitation, the latter's act of taking C to the United States, to reside there permanently, constitutes a violation of said provisions of law.

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